Here, Top Dog Pest Control does its bit to try to convince people that pest control should not be a taboo.

It’s a subject that people don’t talk about, or if they do, they talk about it in whispers, under their breath or mouthing words silently… it’s another subject that the general public often sees as an embarrassment.

Twitching Noses, Twitching Curtains

Time and time again we see that it is not only mouse and rat noses that twitch as they look for food… it’s the neighbours curtains as well. As we pull up outside houses, we see people peeking though their net curtains, wondering who has called out pest control and why? Front doors are opened to get us inside as quickly as possible, to limit the amount of curtain twitchers.

On occasion, when the shame is too much, we even get asked to park around the corner and approach the house on foot. Can’t have Marjorie at number 4 seeing a dreaded pest control van!

So Why is Pest Control Taboo?

In a society where more and more people are ‘getting people in’ to do jobs such as cleaning, gardening, maintenance, why is pest control such a taboo subject? Here is common myth that causes shame:

MYTH: My lovely London property must be dirty if I have rodents, fleas, bed bugs…

TRUTH: Not at all. Top Dog Pest Control visits many pristine properties throughout London. Simply having food in a house is enough to encourage rodents, the blood in your veins is all bed bugs want, and simply missing a flea control treatment by a couple of days is all it needs to lead to a flea infestation. Dirt isn’t what pests are after.

What people don’t realise is that contacting a pest control company is actually a very responsible move to make. By doing this at the very early signs of a rodent infestation, a wasp nest or an outbreak of cockroaches at your London property, you are actually limiting the risk of the pest issue getting out of hand and also affecting your neighbours.

So the curtain twitchers should be grateful, not judging!

Effects of the Taboo on Businesses

It’s true that if you were to arrive at a London restaurant or hotel of choice for the night to see a pest control van parked outside, you would want to know why. You instantly assume the worst… rats, mice cockroaches, bed bugs! Whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Well, in fact, it can. It could actually just be your favourite restaurant or hotel taking its role responsibly and employing a pest control company as part of their health and safety plan. Top Dog Pest Control offers Pest Inspection Packages, which ensure that premises are inspected on a regular basis, meaning the property is proofed against pests, as well as dealing with the first signs of a pest infestation, in the very unlikely event that a problem is to occur.

Certain industries are bound to show due diligence in pest control, and a pest control package is the perfect way to do this.

The Bottom Pest Control Line

The bottom line in pest control is that everybody is at risk of pest infestations. Some need emergency pest control services, some more routine and planned preventive services, but whichever it is, pest control should be seen as a solution, not just a glowing red warning beacon that something is wrong!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide both residential pest control in London and commercial pest control in London.

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