Why Pest Control Should Not be a Grudge Purchase

Published: 15/07/2017

Property maintenance comes as part and parcel of being a property owner. Painting, redecorating, gardening and cleaning out gutters are all standard tasks that need to be carried out to ensure that your London property is maintained to an acceptable standard. So why is pest control any different and so often seen as a grudge purchase?

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Pest Control is Part of Regular Property Maintenance

Top Dog Pest Control often receives the same response from London property owners in regards to making pest control part of a regular maintenance routine – "we'll deal with it when it happens".

The problem with this approach is two-fold:

Some London businesses believe putting money away in a rainy day fund each month is enough, in case problems such as pest control arise. This money would be much better invested in a pest-proofing scheme, such as our Pest Inspection Packages.

Top Dog Pest Inspection Packages

Top Dog Pest Control offers a way that London property owners, and especially businesses, can pest-proof their premises, limiting the risk of pest control issues arising. Pest Inspection Packages are a cost-effective way of making pest control part of a regular property maintenance routine.

Three levels of protection are provided, depending on the type of business, the building and its location. Top Dog Pest Control initially carries out a free survey before recommending the appropriate level.

Advantages of Pest Inspection Packages:

What Pests are Covered?

Top Dog Pest Control covers a wide range of pests, including but not limited to:

Our expert technicians know the tell tale signs of each individual pest – signs that are often missed by the inexperienced. Your dedicated team will immediately put into play an action plan, tailored both to your London business and the type of pest that has been identified.

What Industries are Covered?

Although food establishments are a key industry that is in need of pest prevention, Top Dog Pest Control provides services to many others.

Stop Holding a Pest Control Grudge

Top Dog Pest Control urges you to stop holding a pest control grudge. We understand it's extra money, and extra money can be scarce these days. However, we deal with businesses all too often that end up paying thousands in fines and emergency pest control when they are caught out for not making pest control part of their property maintenance.

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Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London pest control services.
Website: www.topdoglondonpestcontrol.co.uk

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