After a summer of laying eggs, the queens are now starting leave wasp nests and it’s seems that once the queen is away, the wasps will play!

Experts are warning that now the worker wasps are no longer need to feed to queen, they are bored and tearing around getting drunk and aggressive. What’s more, they’ve got the munchies and are ready to terrorise those last few summer barbeques and picnics you’ve got planned!

A Feast for a Wasp: Fallen Fruit

Late summer provides the ideal feast for a wasp, as fruit begins to fall from trees, leaving delectable fermenting fruit on the ground to be savoured by bored wasps looking to kick up their heels after a long summer of work. The only thing is, they get drunk, grumpy and aggressive!

German Wasps
London pest control professionals are particularly warning of German wasps, which have three distinctive black spots on their heads and are bigger than common wasps but smaller than a hornet. Also known as yellow jackets, they are particularly aggressive, especially whilst drunk, and administer a much nastier sting than the common wasp.

Perfect Wasp Conditions

A cold winter, followed by a mild spring and a warm summer has provided the perfect conditions for wasps to thrive. Pest controllers in London and the rest of the UK are reporting a four-year high in the number of call-outs, with figures standing at double those of two years ago.

Wasp nests can vary in size and can contain anything from an average of 10,000 wasps up to 500,000. Nests as big as wheelie bins have been reported in the London area this year.

Advice from Top Dog Pest Control

Dean Mannion, Operations Manager at Top Dog Pest Control issues the following advice:

Report a wasp nest as soon as you find it. Although it may not increase in size at this time of year, there will be thousands of wasps inside and they will get more aggressive as the season goes on, food sources dwindle and the wasps spend their time getting drunk on fermenting fruit!

Dispose correctly of waste food and clear up any fallen fruit from your garden to limit the number of wasps around your London property.

Don’t swat wasps away, as this will anger them and while they are at their most aggressive they will send out warning signals to their pals and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a drunk, angry mob! Paul Oliver, 38, of High Wycombe, found himself in exactly this situation when he swatted a wasp to try to get it out of his garden shed. It turned on himself, gave him a nasty sting and at the same time called for back up. Mr Oliver had to run for cover inside his house as a swarm of wasps chased hum down the garden.

Never try DIY methods to destroy a wasp nest yourself, as you will be putting yourself and those around you at high risk of an attack.

Top Dog Pest Control provides 24/7 pest control service throughout the whole of London. Rapid response with reliable and qualified technicians, Top Dog Pest Control will deal with your wasp nest on the very same day that you call.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide pest control services in London, including London wasp nest removal and wasp control.

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