Westminster Rodent Control

Rodent control problems are a common complaint in the Westminster area and in London generally. Carriers of disease and damaging to your property, rodents pose significant risks to both homes and businesses and require swift, effective action to stem the tide of an infestation.

Top Dog Pest Control has Westminster technicians who have the skill and expertise to discreetly and completely solve all of your rodent control problems, whether the problem is mice, rats, or squirrels.

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Westminster Rat Control

Between the diseases they carry and transmit and the structural damage they can do to your home or business, rat infestations are a significant problem in the Westminster area that require immediate control. Alarmingly, rat numbers in London are increasing and the rats themselves are also growing in size. This represents a massive problem in need of professional technical skill and knowledge such as that provided by Top Dog Pest Control in the Westminster area.

When you contact Top Dog Pest Control we will initially undertake a survey of the property to determine the size, nature, and severity of your rat infestation problem. Our expert technicians will then deploy the latest eradication techniques to remove your rat problem completely. Finally, we offer follow-up and advice to make sure the problem is totally resolved and to ensure you do not suffer further rat control problems in the future.

Westminster Mice Control

Mice infestations and mice control problems can represent very significant problems in the Westminster area and in London generally. One American study showed that up to 20% of all domestic fires are started as a result of gnawed cables, caused by rodents chewing through electricity wires. Additionally, mice can transmit dangerous diseases through their urine and droppings which means they pose significant risks to humans and household pets in the Westminster area.

If your home or business is suffering with a mouse control problem or is infested, our Top Dog Pest Control technicians in the Westminster area are on hand to solve the issue discreetly and effectively.

Westminster Squirrel Control

Though they may seem harmless and appear even charming when they are in your Westminster garden, when squirrels occupy your roof space you can be left with a significant problem on your hands. Squirrels continuously gnaw through just about anything, including woodwork, pipes, and cables. This can lead to structural issues and increase the risk of fire or electrocution. It can also be extremely costly to repair the damage done by your squirrel problem.

At Top Dog Pest Control we use FENN traps in line with local authority guidance and industry-standard practices. Our Westminster technicians are proficient at eradicating squirrel control problems and infestations, so if you have a squirrel problem we're the team for you!

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