Westminster Rat Control

Top Dog Pest Control can deal with any level of rat control problem in Westminster. All our expert technicians are level 2 certified in health and safety from the RSPH and use the latest top of the range equipment, not available to the general public.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Top Dog Pest Control provides rat control services all over Westminster and the rest of London alike. We offer a first-class, same day service and provide you with a dedicated, industry-trained technician. Top Dog Pest Control takes each rat control problem very seriously as we are only too aware of the health risks they can cause to you and you family, with rats carrying a range of dangerous diseases. Our experienced Westminster team will tailor their service to your individual needs and situation, ensuring a fast, effective outcome.

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Westminster Rat Catchers and Removal

Our Westminster rat catcher and removal team respond extremely quickly when you report rats in your property, given that a rat problem will soon get out of control if left untreated. Rats are incredibly determined and their strong teeth can chew through wood, plastic and even glass and some metals. Protect your Westminster home by getting in touch with Top Dog Pest Control today.

Attempting to treat a rat infestation yourself often proves fruitless as part of the process is identifying entry points and harbourage areas in and around your Westminster property, which only the trained eye of our Top Dog Pest Control rat catcher and removal technicians can do. Rats can get through the smallest of holes in the exterior of your building or even through defects in your plumbing. Difficult or impossible to spot for the general Westminster property owner, our efficient team will find these areas quickly and implement immediate treatment.

In cases where there are no evident signs of rats nesting in your Westminster premises, you may well have night time visitors and be in need of the expertise of Top Dog Pest Control. Our trained Westminster rat removal technicians will still be able to administer fast effective treatments, even if rats are not living in your Westminster home. Rats could be coming from neighbouring houses, restaurants, take aways or shops. They could even be living in burrows in your Westminster garden. Whatever the source of the problem, Top Dog Pest Control will find it and take necessary action.

Rat Control Services in Westminster

If you have discovered rats in your Westminster abode, you can be sure that there are more than you imagine, so contacting Top Dog Pest Control's rat control services should be done as a matter of priority.

Harbouring a multitude of harmful diseases and being generally very unsanitary, rats are a threat to the well-being of your Westminster family, especially if children are present and playing on the floor. Rats will leave droppings and urinate wherever they go, as well as chew through food packaging meaning risk of contamination is almost unavoidable. There is no need to panic though; just call in our expert Top Dog Pest Control rat control service technicians today who will have your Westminster house clear of rats in the shortest of delays.

Westminster and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Westminster as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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