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Top Dog Pest Control has the skills and experience to effectively deal with your insect and pest control problems, no matter what their size, nature, or severity. Discreet and friendly, our Westminster technicians are trained to deal with bees, hornets, silverfish, spiders, cockroaches, and many more, safely and efficiently.

When you call our team of expert pest control technicians, we initially undertake a survey to assess your problem, then deploy a combination of techniques to effectively eradicate your insect infestation or insect control problem.

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Westminster Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Bees have unique environmental importance and it is therefore extremely important that trained experts like our dedicated technicians at Top Dog Pest Control handle your bee control problems and nest removal in the Westminster area. While wasps and hornets can be extremely aggressive, bees are normally quite docile and are unlikely to sting humans unless provoked. However, they can become agitated if their nests are threatened and this can lead them to sting. Bee stings can cause severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, so despite their normally peaceful nature bees can present a real danger when there is a nest located on your Westminster property.

Top Dog Pest Control employs the environmentally-friendly approach to bee nest removal and instead of completely destroying the nest and the bees, our Westminster technicians do their very upmost to remove the nest intact and then relocate the bees.

Westminster Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp control and nest removal is a real and common problem in the Westminster area, particularly in the summer months. The first signs that you may have a wasp nest on your Westminster property will normally be an increase in the number of wasps in and around your home or business. At Top Dog Pest Control we recommend early treatment of wasp nests, as leaving the problem makes it more difficult to treat and increases the number of wasps that need to be removed: in summer a mature nest can contain thousands of wasps and this poses significant dangers to you and those around you.

Given that wasps become even more aggressive when their nest is threatened, we recommend professional removal, such as that provided by our Westminster team. Top Dog Pest Control technicians have the skill and experience to safely and effectively resolve your wasp control problems once and for all.

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Westminster Hornet Control

In Westminster, as in the rest of the UK, hornets are becoming a more common problem in need of professional control. Hornets are also one of the most difficult and dangerous forms of insect infestation that Top Dog Pest Control technicians are called to deal with. This is due to the fact that hornet stings are even more dangerous than wasp stings and also because hornet nests are more difficult to safely remove. It is because of this that we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to remove a hornet nest yourself should you find one on your Westminster property.

Our Top Dog Pest Control experts use a specialist chemical treatment, called Bendiocard, to destroy the hornets and their nest, completely and efficiently removing your hornet problem.

Westminster Cluster Fly Control

Cluster fly infestations in your Westminster home or business can get out of control quickly and become a real problem as they are extremely unsanitary, spreading diseases and contaminating food. It can also be very upsetting to have swarms of flies infest your property. When you spot the first signs of a cluster fly infestation, such as increasing numbers of flies or maggots, call out Top Dog Pest Control technicians to provide expert and rapid assistance.

Our Westminster technicians will first perform a survey to assess the nature of your cluster fly infestation problem, then use highly effective treatments to completely eradicate the flies. Finally, our dedicated technicians won't leave before providing you with advice about how avoid future infestations.

Westminster Bed Bug Control and Removal

Bed bug infestations can be a problem in the Westminster area and beyond. The first sign that you have a bed bug infestation is normally the appearance of itchy bites overnight as bed bugs typically hide within cracks or crevices during the day time, making them almost impossible to spot. Once you have identified a bed bug infestation many people choose to treat the problem with shop-bought remedies. However, often these treatments are ineffectual as they only kill the bed bugs themselves and do not eliminate the eggs.

When you call our Westminster technicians we will deploy professional-level treatments that effectively target the bed bugs and their eggs. We will also work with you to maximise the benefit of the treatment, instructing you about what you can do at home to assist the eradication process.

Westminster Flea Control

Flea control problems are common in Westminster and the rest of London alike, particularly for pet owners. However, though you may think of fleas as living primarily in your pet's fur, they also hide in cracks in floorboards, soft furnishings, carpets, and furniture, which is partially why do-it-yourself treatments can be unsuccessful. Fleabites are itchy and a nuisance, but can also transmit disease.

Our Westminster technicians use an approach combining traditional insecticides, Diatomaceous earth, and insect growth regulators to eradicate the infestation quickly and effectively.

Westminster Silverfish Control

Though they may appear small and harmless, silverfish can in fact be extremely destructive and infestations can pose real problems for property-owners in the Westminster area, and therefore require quick and effective control tretament. Wallpaper, books, furniture, and clothes can all be destroyed by silverfish and it can be extremely costly to replace the items destroyed, as well as being distressing to have precious items ruined.

When you call our friendly Westminster technicians at Top Dog Pest Control, they will first assess the situation by performing a survey to identify the problem. We then use tried and tested methods combined with cutting-edge approaches to eliminate the infestation. Finally, we help identify and advise about the likely underlying cause of the infestation to help make sure it doesn't happen again.

Westminster Cockroach Control

Cockroach control issues and infestations present a real health risk to property owners in Westminster due to their ability to spread disease and contaminate food, which can be extremely dangerous. Cockroaches nest in areas away from the light, such as between walls or under floorboards, with only a small number of the total number of cockroaches coming out at any one time. It is also rare to appreciate the full scale of the problem during the daylight hours, as this is when the cockroaches hide. This is partially why eradication treatments bought commercially in shops or hardware stores tend to be ineffectual, targeting only the cockroaches seen out in the open, not the more substantial nest.

At Top Dog Pest Control our dedicated team in the Westminster area have the skill and experience to locate and destroy cockroaches and their nests quickly, discreetly, and successfully.

Westminster Spider Control

Spider infestations and spider control problems can be distressing to experience in your Westminster home or business. Additionally, with reports of poisonous spiders such as False Widow Spiders coming to the UK, anxieties and concerns about spiders in your home or business are increasingly common.

When you call our Westminster technicians at Top Dog Pest Control, we will thoroughly assess your spider problem as well as the danger posed to humans and determine if they are poisonous. Whether they are or are not, we then offer options to remove the infestation and resolve your spider control problems, giving you peace of mind.

Westminster Ant Control

During the summer months ant control problems are more common in the Westminster area and beyond. Once a source of food has been discovered in your home or business, typically in the kitchen area, the initially small number of scout ants will be rapidly followed in much greater numbers and a colony will be established, normally within the walls or below the floorboards. The hard-to-reach location of these colonies can make it very difficult for non-professionals to successfully exterminate the ants and destroy the colonies.

At Top Dog Pest Control our technicians have the skill and experience to reach the ant colonies, wherever they may be, and completely solve your Westminster ant control problems.

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