Summer is coming, which means more time outdoors, barbecues, picnics, walks in the sunshine. Unfortunately, it also means more wasps. Each year there are horror stories of people being attacked by swarms of wasps.

If you find yourself in this frightening situation this summer, Top Dog Pest Control has some tips that can help… if you can just keep your calm. Easier said than done!

First, let’s have a look at some of these horror stories…

Wasp Nest Drops Through Lounge Ceiling

Imagine you are playing with your two year-old in the lounge when a wasp nest drops through the ceiling. This is exactly what happened to one mum. The first and only indication that something was about to happen was a ‘tickling’ noise that got louder and louder. A large crack followed and thousands of wasps flooded into the room. Astoundingly, thanks to the mum’s quick reaction of scooping up her son and carrying him outside, neither of them were hurt.

The flat was fumigated by a professional pest control company, and the fallen nest removed.

Spare Room Offers Wasps a Cosy Place to Nest

You know that spare room you have that is never used? Go and check it? Why? An elderly lady opened the door of her spare room one day to find that wasps and transformed the single bed into a cosy, three-foot wide wasp nest! The pest control technician that attended said it was the most unusual and surprising job he had during his 40+ year career. Bravely entering the room and closing the door behind him, he spent two hours destroying and dismantling the nest. In order to extend their living space, the wasps had chewed into the pillows and mattress of the bed, and must have been resident for at least three months.

Not only did the pest control technician save the day by eradicating the wasps, he also saved the old lady’s hand-made crochet blanket!

Wasp Attack during Family Bike Ride

It’s your worst summer nightmare. You take the kinds out for a bike-ride and wasps attack. A dad was enjoying a bike-ride with his two young sons when a wasp nest was disturbed, resulting in a swarm engulfing the three of them. In the aggressive attack, the dad carried his sons to the safety of an adjacent housing estate, where the wasps abated.

Both boys had to spend the night in hospital due to the multiple stings sustained.

Top Dog Pest Control Tips: What to do When Wasps Attack

When wasps attack, there is no sure-fire way of getting them to cease battle. However, Top Dog Pest Control can offer you some advice and tips of what could help limit the danger:

  • DON’T PANIC! Easy to say, harder to do. Flailing arms, running, jumping around and shouting will alert the wasps even more, turning them into defence mode and making them more aggressive.
  • As calmly as you possibly can, walk away. If you are in the countryside and there are trees and bushes around, head for these. At home, move indoors.
  • Cover you face with your hands or an item of clothing. Your face is the most animated part of you and the wasps will target this due to the movement. In addition, stings to the face and neck area can cause more sever allergic reactions. By covering your face, you are limiting the risks.
  • DON’T jump into water… the wasps will wait for you to get out again.
  • DON’T lie on the floor and play dead… the wasps will just keep stinging you.
  • Seek medical advice if you have been badly stung. If you feel unwell or have any difficulty breathing, call for the emergency services as you could be experiencing anaphylactic shock.
  • Call in pest control to destroy the nest that has been disturbed.

Top Dog Pest Control Offers London Wasp Control

From now until autumn, Top Dog Pest Control will be attending calls outs on a daily basis to carry out London wasp control. Whether you have discovered a wasp nest at your home or you place of work, our highly experienced and trained technicians will be able to carry out wasp nest removal treatment quickly and efficiently.

Operating all over London, with extra wasp control technicians in the team over summer, Top Dog Pest Control can be with you the very same day, wherever you are in London.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London wasp control.

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