Wandsworth Rodent Control

In Wandsworth, like other urban areas, rodent infestations and rodent control problems are a common issue that Top Dog Pest Control is ready to deal with as a matter of urgency. Top Dog Pest Control is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in Wandsworth to help to eradicate your rodent problem.

Once you get in touch with our friendly and highly-skilled team, a technician will thoroughly evaluate your rodent infestation problem, be it with mice, rats, or squirrels. We then draw on a wealth of expertise to discreetly and speedily put an end to it.

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Wandsworth Rat Control

Rat infestations are not an unusual problem in Wandsworth and problems with rat control are exceedingly common. Rat infestations represent a significant health risk to humans and household pets as they can transmit tapeworm and other diseases through their hair, urine, and droppings. It is therefore very important that rat problems are addressed promptly and efficiently to deal with the threat they pose.

At Top Dog Pest Control our specially trained technicians have the experience and expertise to effectively deal with your rat infestation by drawing on the latest rat control techniques such as rodenticides, traps, or fumigation.

Wandsworth Mice Control

Many people underestimate the damage that mice control problems can cause in the Wandsworth area. With their tendency to chew through electrical wires, mice can vastly increase the risk of both fire and electrocution in Wandsworth homes and businesses. Mice also transmit diseases through their urine, which can be extremely dangerous, particularly to the young and the vulnerable.

If you have found droppings in your kitchen or can hear noises between the walls or in the ceiling, it is time to call in the professionals at Top Dog Pest Control to effectively deal with your mice control problem. Professional assistance in dealing with mouse infestations is advisable as mice tend to nest in hard to reach places and expertise in eradicating them is required. At Top Dog Pest Control our Wandsworth technicians have the skill to effectively and completely eliminate your mice problem once and for all.

Wandsworth Squirrel Control

In Wandsworth, as in many other areas of London, squirrel control can be a real problem. Often people assume that they have a rat infestation when they hear noises coming from the roof and do not suspect that their problem is actually that squirrels have taken up residence.

Our Wandsworth technicians at Top Dog Pest Control can quickly assess the nature of your rodent problem by examining the droppings and can then deploy the most effective means of solving the issue, depending on what type of rodent it is, be it squirrels, rats, or mice.

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