Wandsworth Insect & Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control in Wandsworth will successfully deal with all of your insect and pest control issues as a matter of urgency, from silverfish to wasps, cockroaches to fleas, ants to bees, and many more besides. Our industry-trained technicians have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to solve your infestation problem. Available year-round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Top Dog Pest Control is on call to quickly and discreetly assist you in Wandsworth.

Following an initial assessment, our knowledgeable team will then deploy extremely effective insect and pest control treatments to eradicate your infestation. We then provide follow-up advice, and assistance to make sure your insect problems remain a distant memory!

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Wandsworth Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Unlike wasp or hornet control and nest removal, when dealing with a bee nest our Wandsworth technicians will endeavour to never destroy it unless it is completely necessary. This is much more environmentally-friendly and intrusive for property owners.

This method of dealing with bee nests should always be undertaken by professionals such as Top Dog Pest Control, which have the skill and experience needed to successfully, and most importantly safely, remove the nest and remove the danger it poses.

Wandsworth Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

In the summer months, when they are not hibernating, wasps can pose a real danger to people in and animals Wandsworth, representing a problem that requires expert control and nest removal techniques.

If you discover a wasp nest on your Wandsworth property, Top Dog Pest Control recommends you get it removed as early as possible as wasp stings can be very painful and can also cause allergic reactions in some people, particularly young children. A wasp nest that is left untreated will only increase in size as the summer progresses, with the wasps getting more aggressive.

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Wandsworth Hornet Control

Although they are less aggressive than wasps, hornets are larger and more poisonous, which means that hornet control measures and nest removal is of upmost importance in the Wandsworth area and beyond. Close to their nests, hornets are also more defensive and more likely to swarm and sting, which increases the danger of severe allergic reactions.

Hornet nests are also more difficult to remove than wasp nests and trying to do this yourself is not recommended! Top Dog Pest Control's team in Wandsworth has the expertise and equipment to safely remove the nest and destroy the hornets, so if you have a hornet nest on your property, contact our friendly team today.

Wandsworth Cluster Fly Control

Cluster fly infestations can be deeply unpleasant to live or work with and these are, unfortunately, not uncommon in Wandsworth and London more generally. More likely to be a problem during the warmer summer months, cluster fly infestations typically begin as the weather cools down and the flies come inside to hibernate. Then when the weather heats up again the flies burst out, swarming through the property, which can be distressing as well as unsanitary.

Fortunately, our Wandsworth team can use effective treatments to eliminate the infestation and give you your property back!

Wandsworth Bed Bug Control and Removal

Unfortunately, often shop-bought treatments for bed bug control and removal ay Wandsworth properities are not as effective as hoped. This is because these treatments only exterminate the bed bugs themselves and not their eggs, which then hatch, repeating the problem.

Fortunately, our Top Dog Pest Control technicians in the Wandsworth area use industry-grade treatments combining traditional insecticides, Diatomaceous earth, and insect growth regulators to completely solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Wandsworth Flea Control

Although often associated with owning pets, flea control problems can affect any property in the Wandsworth area. Often the first sign of flea infestations are the itchy bites that you develop from where the fleas have been feeding. As well as being a nuisance, flea bites can also transmit disease or become infected and may require antibiotics to treat.

Top Dog Pest Control uses a similar method as that used to eradicate bed bugs to solve your flea control problems. Additionally, we also provide advice about how you can assist the extermination process and how to avoid further infestations in the future.

Wandsworth Silverfish Control

Highly destructive little creatures, silverfish are more than just a nuisance and require rapid control and removal; a service provided by our Wandsworth team that can effectively deal with any level of problem. The costs associated with silverfish infestations can be significant as they destroy possessions and furnishings alike, which are expensive to replace.

When you call Top Dog Pest Control to deal with your silverfish infestation problem, we will first assess the extent and nature of the infestation, before efficiently deploying effective treatments to eradicate the silverfish. Finally, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians offer advice regarding the underlying reason for your silverfish control problem.

Wandsworth Cockroach Control

Cockroach control problems are not uncommon in Wandsworth or in London more generally. As well as being unsightly and unpleasant to look at, cockroaches are also dangerous as they spread disease and can contaminate food. Cockroach infestations can be difficult to deal with using shop-bought products as they do not normally target the cockroach nest, which is the heart of the infestation problem and is often hidden in a hard-to-reach place.

At Top Dog Pest Control, our Wandsworth technicians have the capability and technique to effectively reach the cockroach nest and eradicate the heart of the infestation.

Wandsworth Spider Control

With increasing reports about poisonous spiders such as False Widow Spiders reaching the UK, concerns about spider infestations and control problems are becoming more common in Wandsworth and beyond.

Top Dog Pest Control technicians have the skill and experience to perform a survey and examine the spiders infesting your property to work out whether they are poisonous or not. Top Dog Pest Control will then provide an extermination treatment, as well as follow-up to make sure the treatment has been 100% effective.

Wandsworth Ant Control

Although the ants that infest homes and businesses in Wandsworth are unlikely to bite, they can still be a real problem in need of professional control techniques. Top Dog Pest Control recommends treatment of your ant control problem as early as possible because once a colony has become established, it can rapidly grow in size.

Professional eradication treatments are also recommended, as commercially available products bought from shops are often not powerful enough to destroy the ants and their nests, instead splitting the colonies, making your ant control problem all the worse.

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