Wandsworth Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Birds such as pigeons and gulls are an unsightly risk to health, create slip hazards and cause damage to buildings, making bird control and bird proofing an essential service for many Wandsworth residents and businesses.

Top Dog Pest Control has a local team of bird control technicians with the necessary knowledge and equipment to combat or prevent any level of bird control issue in Wandsworth and the rest of London alike.

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Wandsworth Bird Control

Whether birds are nesting inside your Wandsworth building or simply using it as a resting place, you will still be in need of the expert bird control services of Top Dog Pest Control.

Birds that nest inside a building can cause structural damage due to the acidic properties in their droppings, as well as creating health risks for those who live or work there. Carriers of diseases such as salmonella, e-coli and psittacosis, particles entering an air condition system of a Wandsworth building can put the occupants at very high risk of contamination.

Droppings from birds resting on the exterior of a building cause a slip hazard to those walking beneath, as well as being highly unsightly when they congregate in large numbers. This alone could put potential clients and customers off entering your Wandsworth business, leading to a drop in profits. Bird control from Top Dog Pest Control can prevent this happening.

Wandsworth Bird Proofing

Wandsworth bird proofing can come in many forms, and can be implemented by Top Dog Pest Control either as a preventative measure, or following a bird control problem to rid a building of birds.

Spikes: spikes are very versatile and available in many different sizes. Pigeons can perch on a ledge of just 20mm, so spikes prevent this happening.

Sprung Wire: sprung wire is often used in combination with spikes and is another very discreet and adaptable option.

Gel: non-toxic gel discs have properties that change a bird's natural UV vision to fire-like, making the birds perceive danger, which in turn causes them to vacate the areas immediately.

Nets: a preferred and widely used method to cover large surface areas such as roof spaces or elevations on warehouses, car parks and blocks of flats. Also popular for listed building given that netting is very discreet and easy to install, causing minimal damage to the structure.

Plastic Strip Curtains: large goods entries that permit large vehicles to carry out collections and deliveries put warehouses at risk of birds gaining access. Transparent plastic strip curtains allow the flow of vehicles and light but keep birds out.

Wandsworth and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Wandsworth as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

Bird Control Services in Wandsworth

Top Dog Pest Control provides fully guaranteed bird control services throughout Wandsworth and the rest on London. All work is carried out by fully qualified and experienced technicians, who have the necessary knowledge in bird behaviour to ensure your problem is treated as effectively as possible.

Aware that bird control services are often required to be carried out outside of business hours, Top Dog Pest Control operates 24/7 and will arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

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