Wasp control is a serious matter and should only be attempted by a professional London pest control company like Top Dog Pest Control. There are far too may stories, YouTube videos and adverts for DIY products that encourage you to attempt it yourself. Top Dog Pest Control strongly advises that you do not take wasp nest removal into your own hands.

So, what to do when you find a wasp nest… think W.A.S.P.!

W.A.S.P.: What to Do When you Discover a Wasp Nest

Think W.A.S.P. to quickly, effectively and safely deal with a wasp nest at your London property:

  • WATCH from a safe distance, observe the wasps to try to see exactly where they are nesting. Wasps approach a nest in a very direct manner, flying in a straight line. If the nest is well established, there should be a lot of traffic, making it easy to spot. However, do not worry if you cannot see the entry point. The trained eyes of our wasp control technicians at Top Dog Pest Control will locate it, however well hidden it is. In all circumstances, do not approach the nest!
  • ACT call in London-based Top Dog Pest Control on 0800 7999 880. Operating London-wide 24/7, whenever you call we will have technicians available to remove your wasp nest.
  • STAY SAFE before, during and after treatment, stay away from the site of the wasp nest. Keep windows and doors closed, and keep pets and children inside. Once, again, do not approach the nest!
  • PROOF your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician will advise you on how to wasp-proof your London home or business against further wasp nests. For more information, read our article Top 10 Tips: How to Wasp-Proof your London Home.

The DON’TS of Wasp Control

You will have got the message by now, that here at Top Dog, we really do not advise DIY methods of wasp control. Not only is it dangerous, it also makes our job more complicated. A wasp nest that has been disturbed or angered is a lot more difficult to treat and causes heightened levels of risk to our technicians.

So, our first ‘don’t’ is DON’T attempt to treat a wasp nest yourself. But, let’s be more specific:

  • DON’T knock a wasp nest down. However many YouTube videos you’ve watched, just don’t do it! It will not go well! Imagine someone hit your house with a big stick… you’d get aggressive too!

  • DON’T spray it with aerosols or water. Both = angry wasps.
  • DON’T hold up a lighter and spray an aerosol into the flame in the hope of burning the wasp nest down. You will end up with burns as well as stings… and possibly a garden fire on your hands.
  • DON’T block up the hole the wasps are using to gain entry to your property and their nest. Wasps will find another exit route and are capable of chewing through plasterboard, meaning you could find yourself with thousands of wasps inside your home or business.

Top Dog Pest Control has a team of industry-trained wasp control technicians ready to assist you when you find a wasp nest in or around your London property. Wasp control is a straight-forward pest control treatment when carried out by professionals with the correct equipment. Don’t take the risk, call Top Dog Pest Control on 0800 7999 880.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide wasp control in London.

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