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Serving the whole of London, Top Dog Pest Control is your go-to company when you are in need of rat control in Tower Hamlets. All our technicians are trained to highest of industry standards and are ready to assist you in your rat control needs. Our team are fully CRB checked and have experience of attending jobs at a range of premises in Tower Hamlets including residential and commercial. Top Dog Pest Control provides a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year service and will be with you the very same that you call.

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Tower Hamlets Rat Catchers and Removal

A need for rat catcher and removal services in your Tower Hamlets property will become noticeable by signs that include scavenging and droppings, most likely where food is present such as in your food cupboards. These signs will increase daily, as once a rat has found a food source it keeps coming back. Not only this, given the rate that they breed at, there will soon be multiples nibbling through your Tower Hamlets kitchen.

This is not only unpleasant, but health risk due to the diseases that rats carry, such as Weil's, salmonella and toxoplasmosis. Don't put your family at risk by wasting time trying to get on top of an infestation yourself. Talk to one of our highly trained team at Top Dog Pest Control today, who will have a rat catcher and removal technician with you without delay to implement a combination treatment tailored to your Tower Hamlets property.

Rat Control Services in Tower Hamlets

The territorial and persistent nature of rats mean that if they are already in your Tower Hamlets property, they will not leave of their own accord and you will need the experienced rat control services of Top Dog Pest Control to eradicate them.

Your dedicated, highly trained rat control service technician will be able to tell you if the rats are living within your home or business, or gaining entry from outside. They will also do their upmost to find the source of the problem, which isn't necessarily from your property but from neighbouring properties. Living near Tower Hamlets shops, restaurants or takeaways increases your risk of being infested by rats, due to the high levels of food waste these establishments produce.

Tower Hamlets and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Tower Hamlets as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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