Tower Hamlets Insect & Pest Control

Insect and pest control in Tower Hamlets and the rest of the Greater London area is covered by Top Dog Pest Control. With a team of industry-trained, highly experienced technicians, you can rest assured that someone will be out to you in no time at all to get your pest or insect infestation under control, be it wasps, mice, rats, ants, squirrels, or many more.

Operating day or night, 7 days a week, there will never be a time when your call is not answered.

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Tower Hamlets Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Top Dog Pest Control often receives call outs from Tower Hamlets residents requesting the removal of a bee nest. With the interests of protecting the declining bee population at heart, Top Dog Pest Control will always try to relocate the bees and their nest to a more suitable position.

Our technicians also often find that once they have explained the non-aggressive nature of bees when compared to wasps, many Tower Hamlets customers are happy to leave the bee nest where it is rather than removing it, as long as there is no risk of the bees being disturbed. At Top Dog Pest Control we will be happy to come out and assess the situation with you and find the best solution.

Tower Hamlets Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Everyone would agree that summer would be far nicer without the annoying wasp; fortunately Top Dog Pest Control is on hand in Tower Hamlets if you find yourself in need of wasp nest removal.

Removing a wasp nest is not something that you should attempt yourself, as wasps become very defensive and aggressive if their nest is threatened and you will be putting yourself at risk of attack. All technicians at Top Dog Pest Control wear the appropriate protective clothing and use the latest equipment and treatments to deal with your wasp nest efficiently and safely. A wasp nest in or around your Tower Hamlets property will only increase in size and activity as the summer progresses; call Top Dog Pest Control now.

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Tower Hamlets Hornet Control

The odd hornet being around your Tower Hamlets property is no cause for immediate concern, as they are actually less aggressive than wasps. However, the need to call out Top Dog Pest Control arises when hornets nest in or around your premises. A hornet sting can be highly poisonous, and for those that react badly, can lead to anaphylaxis in the most serious of cases.

Hornet nests can be more complicated to remove and eliminate from your Tower Hamlets property than wasp nests, but our team of Top Dog Pest Control technicians has the specialised knowledge and equipment to be able to do it safely, minimising risk to all those around.

Tower Hamlets Cluster Fly Control

Cluster flies like to congregate in Tower Hamlets roof spaces when the temperature drops outside, hibernating in huge numbers, which often leads to calls to Top Dog Pest Control for fly control.

Those lucky enough to have found the cluster flies during the hibernation period will have a less distressing experience than those Tower Hamlets residents that come home to find a swarm of cluster flies, potentially filling every room in their house. Top Dog Pest Control always advises to have a quick routine look up in your attic for signs of cluster flies, as well as any other pests.

Tower Hamlets Bed Bug Control and Removal

Finding yourself in need of bed bug control and removal in your Tower Hamlets bedroom is going to guarantee you a few sleepless nights. Nobody likes the thought of sharing their sleeping space with creepy crawlies; much less with those that bite.

Total bed bug removal is almost impossible without the expert and experienced services of a company such as Top Dog Pest Control. Our Tower Hamlets technicians will not only treat the present infestation, they will advise you on how to launder your bed sheets and clothes to ensure that any hidden bed bugs or eggs are also destroyed.

Tower Hamlets Flea Control

Has your cat or dog brought fleas into your Tower Hamlets abode and they have now taken control? Or have you had a mysterious outbreak unrelated to pets? Both situations are common reasons for Tower Hamlets customers to contact Top Dog Pest Control.

Eradicating fleas will entail the use of residual pesticides that kill them on contact. Multiple visits may be necessary due to the fact that eggs can lie dormant and only hatch on feeling the vibrations of someone walking or furniture being moved. Top Dog Pest Control guarantees not to give up until you are free of fleas.

Tower Hamlets Silverfish Control

Silverfish may seem like a low risk pest to have in Tower Hamlets and not one that you would call in Top Dog Pest Control for. However, silverfish may not sting or bite, but they do cause a substantial amount of damage by eating through books, wallpaper and clothes.

Silverfish are also a sign of damp in your Tower Hamlets property, due to the fact that they thrive in moist environments. Part of the service provided by Top Dog Pest Control is not only to exterminate the silverfish infestation, but also find the source of the problem, highlighting damp areas of your property that need attention.

Tower Hamlets Cockroach Control

Cockroaches thrive on left over food, unwashed crockery and rubbish left lying around and will quickly get out of control if they source these in your Tower Hamlets kitchen. Unpleasant to look at, they live in fissures and cracks in your property and can carry diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever and salmonella.

Cockroach eggs can survive for a very long time and this why you will need the help of Top Dog Pest Control to eradicate them completely from your home. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians will trace the cockroaches back to their resting place and target it with industry grade chemicals, to ensure it is wiped out at the source.

Tower Hamlets Spider Control

Top Dog Pest Control receives calls from worried Tower Hamlets residents from cases involving the presence of a potentially poisonous spider, to cases where customers who have a fear of spiders can't understand why there are frequently several in their home at one time.

Our technicians are always happy to provide advice and service, whatever your spider control issue is.

Tower Hamlets Ant Control

A few ants in your Tower Hamlets kitchen can be a sign that more are to follow and that you will soon be needing to make a call to Top Dog Pest Control. When you see a small number of ants, the likelihood is these are 'scout' ants that are looking for a food source, before reporting back to the rest of their army, who they will soon be back with.

If this happens, Top Dog Pest Control encourages you to call their trusted technicians who will be able to eliminate the infestation with more ease and efficiency than any shop bought product you can find.

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