It’s that time of year again. A big cheer as spring arrives, followed by a long, hearty sigh as those warmer days see the emergence of wasps. For some, they are an annoyance. For others, they ruin the summer, stopping Londoners enjoying their gardens, forcing them to keep windows closed instead of letting the fresh, warm air in.

Here, Top Dog Pest Control offers 10 top tips on how to wasp-proof your London home so you can kick up your heals and enjoy the summer after what has been a miserable winter.

Wasp-Proofing: The First Step in London Wasp Control

Wasp-proofing your London home is the first step to wasp control. By acting now, you will diminish the risk of wasps nesting in or around your property as the weather warms up.

  1. ACT NOW… That’s our first piece of advice! Look around your premises in early spring to identify where wasps could potentially establish a nest. Do this now while there are very few wasps around.
  2. Look for holes. Especially small ones in your brickwork and under the eves, as these are prime locations for wasp nests. Seal up any failures you find.
  3. Cover air vents and airbricks with mesh covers that will allow air to flow, but prevent wasps and bees, as well as rats and mice, from entering your property

  4. Keep rubbish bins tightly sealed. Food will attract wasps.

  5. Remove all rotting fruit from your garden. Wasps like nothing more than fermenting fruit to feast on.
  6. Spring evenings are lovely for eating outdoors. Just make sure you clean up leftovers. This will also help in not attracting rodents to your London garden.
  7. Paint or varnish wooden structures, as bare wood is used by wasps to build their nests.
  8. Keep you ears and eyes open. Wasps nest removal is much easier the earlier the nest is found. Inside airbricks; under the eves, window sills and decking; or inside garages or sheds are all favourite nesting sites. Wasps can even burrow into the ground to nest, so watch out for small entrance holes.
  9. Install a fake nest. Wasps are territorial and if they think there is already a wasp nest in the vicinity they will not establish another one. These are available to buy, or a blown up brown bag will also do the trick.
  10. Encourage bird-life in your London garden. Not only is it wonderful to see birds coming into your outside space, but they will also help keep wasp numbers down by eating them.

London Wasp Control and Nest Removal

Spring and summer are busy times for London pest control companies when it comes to wasp control and wasps nest removal. So why should you choose Top Dog Pest Control?

  • Fast and efficient are key when it comes to wasp control. Wasps pose a threat, and more often that not, cause distress for our London customers. At Top Dog Pest Control, we understand this and will be out to you the very same day of your call, wherever you are in London.
  • All of our technicians are fully qualified to industry standards in wasp control and wasp nest removal, making the whole of our workforce available to attend your call out. Top of the range equipment is used, making even hard-to-reach areas possible treat.
  • Each step is explained to you, ensuring you understand exactly what treatment entails and know what to expect.
  • Follow-up service comes as standard. Your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician will check in with you following treatment, either by phone or in person, to make sure treatment has been 100% successful. If you are still seeing wasps 48 hours after treatment, we will be back free of charge.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London wasp nest removal and wasp control.

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