Pest control companies throughout London and the rest of the UK are warning of ‘super rats’ and ‘super mice’.

An appropriate title for a children’s book it may be, but the reality is that these rats and mice have the potential to cause serious problems for both London homes and businesses as rodents seek the shelter, food and water that indoors can provide.

What makes Super Rats or Super Mice?

What makes super rats or super mice? There are several points to consider:

  • Certain species of rats and mice are becoming resistant or even immune to shop-bought poisons. Rodenticides that have been very effective in the past are now proving useless, meaning that they are actually becoming a food source for rodents, making them bigger and stronger.

  • The super mice especially are said to be becoming more intelligent and seem to have gained an awareness and understanding of traps and bait boxes, managing to avoid them rather than be enticed into them
  • Areas like London with high concentrations of people and food establishments provide the ideal environment for mice and rats to breed. In addition, they are reported to be increasing in size due to the high-protein diet they are getting from eating leftovers from fast-food take-aways

Considering the evidence, there is real concern that there will be marked growth in the number of these new generation rats and mice, with more and more London properties being affected, as well as those throughout the rest of the country. The problem could spread extremely quickly, given that rodents are easily and unintentionally transported throughout the UK.

Tips from Top Dog Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control offers these tips to help keep your property rodent-free:

  • Avoid leaving food leftovers lying around, as they will attract rats or mice looking for an easy source of food. Once this is found, rodents will return time and time again.
  • Protective mesh covers are available to fix over the airbricks on the exterior of your London property to stop rodents using them to gain entry
  • If you discover a mouse or rat in your London premises, then call Top Dog Pest Control immediately to get professional, fast-acting treatment from our knowledgeable and fully qualified team of technicians. Given the rising resistance of these rodents to certain rodenticides, attempting to treat a problem yourself can actually lead to it taking further hold and getting out of hand.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London mice control services. 

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