Southwark Rodent Control

Rodent infestations represent a significant problem in the Southwark area, but fortunately Top Dog Pest Control has the skill and experience to make your rodent problems a thing of the past. Our highly-trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to rapidly, discreetly, and affordably resolve your rat, mice, or squirrel control problems.

When you contact our friendly team at Top Dog Pest Control our skilled technicians in the Southwark area will assess the infestation in your home or business and then deploy the latest treatments to eradicate your rodent problem in line with current local authority guidelines. We will also give professional advice about how to avoid future rodent infestations.

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Southwark Rat Control

In many urban areas, such as Southwark, rats are a common and dangerous presence. Diseases and parasites, such as tapeworm, can easily be transmitted from rats to humans through their urine, droppings, and hair, meaning that they represent a significant risk to people in the Southwark area.

If your Southwark home or business has a rat infestation, you will know how difficult this problem can be to control and how overwhelming it can seem. Here at Top Dog Pest Control our team has the skill and experience to effectively and completely eradicate your rat infestation problems by utilising treatments such as rodenticides, traps, or fumigation. No job is too big or too small and we make destroying the infestation and protecting your home or business our highest priority.

Southwark Mice Control

Though mice may seem small and harmless, with some people even keeping them as pets, the type of mice that infest Southwark homes and businesses can pose real dangers to humans. Mice urinate everywhere which is unsanitary and can transmit waterborne diseases. Moreover, mice can also spread Lymphocytic Chriomeningitis Virus (a form of Meningitis) and Salmonella if an infestation is left alone to grow.

At Top Dog Pest Control we recommend professional intervention for your mice infestation at the earliest possible moment to effectively deal with the threat to the health of people in Southwark. Our team of dedicated technicians can swiftly and efficiently solve the problem, using our skills in identifying mice nests, which are often located in hard to reach areas such as under floorboards or between walls, and then deploying the latest techniques to remove the mice.

Southwark Squirrel Control

Squirrels are often considered cute animals, with people in the Southwark area encouraging them into their gardens with nuts and seeds. However, once a group of squirrels occupies your attic, you have a real control problem to deal with.

Squirrels have the ability to chew through just about anything, including woodwork, pipes, and cables, which can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and can even be dangerous, causing electrical faults that can cause fires or electrocutions.

Early and effective treatment to deal with squirrel infestations is essential to avoid risks to homes and businesses in the Southwark area. When you call our team of specially trained technicians at Top Dog Pest Control we will perform a survey to assess the degree to which your home or business has been affected, and then deploy FENN traps to eradicate the problem.

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