Southwark Rat Control

At the first sign of rats in your Southwark property, call in our expert rat control team at Top Dog Pest Control. Rats multiply at a great rate and left untreated, an infestation will soon get out of control. Rats are extremely territorial so once they have found a food source, they will not move out of your Southwark home easily. You will need the expert, highly trained services of our Top Dog Pest Control team who will implement a combination treatment plan in order to eradicate the rat infestation quickly and efficiently.

Level 2 certified in health and safety from the RSPH, Top Dog Pest Control can deal with all rat control issues in your Southwark home or business. Whatever time of day it is, wherever you are in Southwark, you can be sure that Top Dog Pest Control will be with you in no time at all, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Southwark Rat Catchers and Removal

Discovering you are in need of the rat catcher and removal services of Top Dog Pest Control can be rather distressing due to the many diseases rats can transmit, including Weil's, salmonella and toxoplasmosis. These are a serious risk to your family's health, especially where children are present and spending time on the floors.

Top Dog Pest Control provides Southwark with a speedy, hassle-free rat catcher and removal service and will send out an experienced, local technician to assess and treat whatever level of rat infestation you may have. Offering Southwark excellent, reliable service, Top Dog Pest Control prides itself on its same-day service and will be out to start immediate treatment in no time at all. No infestation is too large or too small; all are treated effectively and efficiently by our skilled, industry-trained rat catcher and removal technicians.

Rat Control Services in Southwark

As part out our rat control services in Southwark, once your rat infestation has been eradicated, Top Dog Pest Control leaves you with expert advice on how to prevent another occurring. This will include helpful hints such as keeping bins closed using tight fitting lids, removing squirrel and bird feeders from your garden as the scattered seeds will be an ideal food source for scavenging rats, keeping food in sealed containers where possible and keeping up with property maintenance to locate and repair holes that could be used as entry points.

On top of this, you will be given the number of your dedicated Southwark technician and told to call back if you have any queries during or following Top Dog Pest Control's rat control service.

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Top Dog Pest Control covers Southwark as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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