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Insect and pest control problems are common in the Southwark area and Top Dog Pest Control's friendly team of highly trained experts is on hand to help you conquer infestations as they occur and offer advise as to how to prevent them in future.

Whether your problem is cockroaches, bee nests, silverfish, flea infestations, bed bugs, hornets or any other insect infestation, Top Dog Pest Control considers itself as London's 4th emergency service and has the skill to successfully control and eradicate your problem discreetly and at an affordable price. Using a combination of cutting-edge technologies and tried and tested methods, Top Dog Pest Control is sure that you will be delighted with the results!

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Southwark Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Unlike hornets or wasps, bees are normally relatively peaceful animals until they are threatened or are near their nest, which is when bees can become a problem at your Southwark premises and need professional control and removal techniques. If your home or business in the Southwark area has a bee nest in it, we strongly suggest you do not attempt to remove it yourself as this can anger the bees causing them to sting, which can produce severe allergic reactions. Instead, Top Dog Pest Control recommends professional removal of bee nests to protect you and those around you in Southwark, as well as the bees themselves.

When dealing with bee nests, Top Dog Pest Control will always attempt to remove the nest intact and relocate the bees to a local hive or more appropriate location, which is much more environmentally-friendly and less intrusive. Our highly-experienced experts have the specialist skills to perform this procedure to ensure the safety of everyone concerned, whist protecting the UK bee population.

Southwark Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp control and wasp nests removal can be a significant problem in the Southwark area and in London more generally. More so than bees or hornets, wasps can be extremely aggressive and can sting humans multiple times, which drastically increases the risk of severe allergic reactions, particularly in young children. If you have a wasp nest on your Southwark property, Top Dog Pest Control strongly recommends professional removal to eliminate the risk posed by swarms of wasps.

At Top Dog Pest Control our technicians have the expertise to safely remove wasp nests swiftly and effectively, giving you peace of mind that your Southwark wasp control problems are a thing of the past.

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Southwark Hornet Control

Unfortunately, hornet control problems and hornet nests are becoming increasingly common in Southwark. Larger and more poisonous than wasps, hornets are also more difficult to eliminate as they and their nests are hardier.

Using a special chemical called Bendiocarb in high concentrations, our Southwark technicians at Top Dog Pest Control are able to target the nest directly, completely destroying your Southwark hornet problem.

Southwark Cluster Fly Control

When cluster flies swarm throughout your Southwark home or business it can be extremely distressing and unsanitary and requires immediate, emergency control. Cluster flies typically move into your property as the weather cools down, then hibernate during the winter, only to emerge again once the weather heats up.

If at all possible, Top Dog Pest Control recommends dealing with the infestation as soon as it is identified, preferably during the hibernation phase, as this is much easier to deal with than when the cluster flies emerge and begin to swarm. So when you spot the first signs of a cluster fly infestation, call our Top Dog Pest Control Southwark technicians to eradicate the problem before it becomes even worse.

Southwark Bed Bug Control and Removal

It is commonly assumed that because of their name that bed bugs live solely in beds and therefore only require control and removal from bedrooms, but in fact this is not the case and bed bug infestation problems can affect multiple areas of your Southwark home. A common problem, many people attempt to solve their bed bug control problems using shop-bought control treatments. However, these treatments often only remove the bugs themselves, leaving the bed bugs' eggs untouched. This does not solve the problem as the eggs then hatch and the problem resurfaces. This is why the professional eradication techniques of Top Dog Pest Control are essential to deal with bed bug infestations.

Our Southwark technicians use a combination Diatomaceous earth, insect growth inhibitors, and traditional insecticides to effectively eliminate bed bug infestation problems.

Southwark Flea Control

Flea infestations and flea control can be a real problem in Southwark homes. As well as causing unpleasant and distressing itching, fleabites can also transmit diseases and tapeworm and in some cases can become infected, requiring antibiotic treatment. It is therefore to quickly and effectively deal with your flea infestation problems.

Our Top Dog Pest Control technicians in the Southwark area have the experience and expertise to deploy a multi-pronged attack using tried and tested extermination techniques to completely eliminate your flea infestation problem.

Southwark Silverfish Control

Tiny and harmless-looking, the first signs of a need for silverfish control that people in Southwark are likely to notice is destruction of their books, clothes, wallpaper, or furniture. Though they do not pose any harm to the health of humans, the destruction that the cause can be extremely distressing and costly to undo.

Using the skills of our Southwark technicians, Top Dog Pest Control can help you rid your home of these destructive pests once and for all.

Southwark Cockroach Control

The expert professional cockroach control techniques of Top Dog Pest Control are paramount to effectively rid your Southwark home or business of cockroaches. This is because many shop-bought control treatments cannot completely eradicate the problem as they only target those cockroaches that are out in the open, not those hiding in the walls or beneath the floor, which are the real source of the problem. Given the dangers cockroaches pose to human health, rapid extermination by industry experts like our Southwark-based technicians is essential.

When you contact Top Dog Pest Control we can assess and then eliminate your cockroach infestation giving you peace of mind that your cockroach problem is gone for good.

Southwark Spider Control

For many people in Southwark the presence of spiders in their home or business can be distressing, frustrating, and represents a real pest control problem in need of a solution. Additionally, with reports of poisonous species such as False Widow Spiders coming to our shores, anxiety about spider infestations is completely understandable.

Whether your Southwark property has a full-blown infestation or you are worried that a spider may be poisonous, our Top Dog Pest Control technicians have the skill and experience to identify the nature of your spider problem and utilise techniques to effectively deal with them.

Southwark Ant Control

Ant infestations are more common during the warmer months of the year and you are more likely to have ant control problems within your Southwark home or business during this period. The first signs of an impending infestation are spotting a few "scout" ants in your home or business. These "scout" ants are then followed by more and more ants once a source of food has been found. After this, nests soon become established and their numbers increase rapidly.

At Top Dog Pest Control, we therefore advise contacting our friendly team of Southwark experts at your earliest convenience to prevent the problem becoming worse and to eradicate the ants completely.

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