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Top Dog Pest Control delivers fast-acting, cost-effective bird control and bird proofing in Southwark and the rest of London alike.

As the population rises, so does the bird population due to heightened levels of food sources. With this comes the increased risk of contamination of the various serious diseases carried by birds such as pigeon and gulls, as well as the structural damage that can be done to your Southwark building.

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Southwark Bird Control

Once inside your Southwark building, you may not see the birds covering the roof and therefore not see bird control as pressing issue. However, there are many other factors to be considered. If you are a business in Southwark, customers may be put off entering your building by large numbers of birds. In addition, droppings create slip hazards and their acidic properties also cause structural damage. Finally, there is a risk to health of all those inside the building due to contamination of diseases such as salmonella, psittacosis and e-coli.

Bird control is long-term solution that will see you bird-free for the foreseeable future. Top Dog Pest Control has the training, experience and equipment to survey, advise on and implement a tailored treatment plan for your Southwark bird control problem.

Southwark Bird Proofing

From large expanses of netting to thin sprung wire, there is a vast range of Southwark bird proofing measures that can easily be installed by Top Dog Pest Control.

Netting is very effective for high buildings and structures such as car parks or blocks of flats, whilst remaining discreet and cost-effective. Sprung wiring and spikes are often used in combination with each other, as they can stop birds landing on the narrowest of ledges.

Non-toxic gel discs are also widely used as a way to evacuate birds from an area. As the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 rules against killing birds and removing nests, these gel discs change the UV vision of birds to fire-like, making them perceive danger and leave the area immediately with no direct intervention needed.

An option for warehouses with goods entrances that allow large vehicles in and out is transparent plastic strip curtains. These curtains proof against birds accessing the interior of the building but allow both the necessary vehicles and light in.

Our expert Southwark bird proofing technicians will be able to survey and advise you on the most appropriate solution for your property and budget

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