Wasp nests are not only a significant threat to humans, but also pets, making London wasp control problems a real issue. Living in close quarters with a wasp nest is a risk as they can be very aggressive and their stings can cause severe allergic reactions. Top Dog Pest Control can provide the solution to any wasp control problem. Wherever you may be in in London, Top Dog Pest Control provides rapid-response wasp nest removal services 24/7.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if wasps are simply passing through your London garden or if there is a wasp nest established in or around the property. One way to tell is how often you see the wasps; if you are constantly seeing a higher than usual number of wasps in your garden or home, the chances are that you have a London wasp nest removal issue that needs the attention of Top Dog Pest Control.

If you suspect you have a wasp nest on your London property, Top Dog Pest Control advises against following the wasps to try to locate the nest, as it is easy to accidentally disturb it, angering the wasps and leading to the risk of a wasp attack. There are normally 3000-6000 individual wasps living in each nest, so provoking an attack can be very dangerous indeed.

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Wasp Proofing & Nest Removal Services

Unfortunately, apart from practicing good hygiene such as correctly disposing of food, there is not a lot you can do to proof your London property against wasps nesting in or around it, given that wasps can nest practically anywhere, needing only a very small access whole to establish a nest. Once a wasp nest has been established, it will grow at a rapid rate, leaving London wasp nest removal as your only option.

Some London residents attempt to deal with wasp nest removal themselves using store-bought insecticides or DIY methods seen on the internet. However, these are often extremely dangerous and Top Dog Pest Control warns London home- and business owners alike against using them, as they are too weak to destroy the wasp nest completely and result in simply aggravating the wasps, causing them to feel threatened and potentially swarm and attack.

Professional London wasp nest removal by Top Dog Pest Control is a two-part operation. First, our experienced and knowledgeable wasp control technicians will use a chemical called Bendiocarb; an insecticidal dust that destroys the wasps quickly and effectively, unlike products available in shops. Our expert London-based team has the expertise and specialist protective equipment to safely eradicate the wasps.

The second part of treatment sees Top Dog Pest Control removing the wasp nest, which is often located in very hard to reach areas. Fortunately, our London technicians have the equipment and skill to effectively and completely remove the wasp nest no matter where it is located in your London home.

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Our Expert Wasp Removal Technicians

At Top Dog Pest Control our industry-trained, expert London wasp removal technicians have the skill and experience to deal with wasp control problems safely and successfully and efficiently.

Whatever the size and location your London wasp control problem, our technicians are on hand to completely eradicate it. A wasp nest being very large or in an inaccessible place on your London property does not phase our wasp nest removal experts.

When you call Top Dog Pest Control, your call will be treated as urgent and a consultation to investigate the nature of your London wasp control problem will be scheduled. We will then implement a wasp nest removal treatment plan, using professional chemical treatments to safely destroy the wasps. Top Dog Pest Control always offers follow-up to make sure your wasp control problems are a thing of the past. We’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with our London wasp control service!

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