If squirrels have moved into your roof space, one thing is for sure: you need London squirrel control and fast.

Our experienced technicians at Top Dog London Pest Control are all too aware of how much damage squirrels can do in London properties, which can very quickly lead to structural and electrical problems that put you and you home at risk. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Top Dog Pest Control’s squirrel catcher team can completely solve your London squirrel control problem efficiently and at an affordable price.

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Squirrel Problems & Damage

Finding you have a squirrel control problem in your London home or business means your London property is at risk of extensive and costly damage. In a very short space of time squirrels can gnaw through wooden structures, as well as electrical cables, causing a serious fire hazard. In addition to squirrels causing structural and electrical damage to your London property, they are also very noisy. This, together with the other risks, is bound to cause you sleepless nights.

London residents often mistake squirrel presence for rats due to hearing scratching and scuttling in the attic. Squirrels or rats, you will need to call in London pest control and at Top Dog Pest Control, our experts will quickly identify the nature of the infestation by examining the droppings left behind during a thorough inspection of the areas affected.

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Trapping and Disposal

Top Dog Pest Control uses trapping methods with squirrels, in order to dispose of the squirrel carcasses away from your London property. A generally unknown fact about squirrels is that their carcasses give off a highly unpleasant smell. For this reason, our squirrel catcher team at Top Dog Pest Control avoids laying poison outside of traps at all costs, to ensure that squirrels do not crawl off into unreachable areas.

Top Dog Pest Control places traps in strategic places around your London attic space, pulling on their wealth of experience to ensure the squirrels are captured as soon as possible. Calling back to check the traps daily, our technicians will remove the squirrel carcasses as they are found.

On occasion, squirrels are not interested in the baited traps as they have an abundant source of food at their disposal around your London property. When this occurs, our expert technicians will look at removing other food sources to encourage the squirrels to enter the baited traps, and occasionally spring traps will also be used.

Whatever the level of squirrel infestation, our hard-working, dedicated team of technicians will make sure that your London property is free from squirrels in the shortest time delay possible.

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