Spider infestations can be very unpleasant to have in your London home and many people find their presence distressing and turn to Top Dog Pest Control for their professional spider removal assistance. Spiders are not particularly dangerous to humans, although their bites can cause skin irritation reactions.

False Widow Spiders in London

Although the majority of spiders in the UK do not bite, in recent years there has been an increase in reports of dangerous spiders in London and the rest of Britain, particularly the False Widow Spider. False Widow spider populations have increased in recent years and this has become a cause of concern with two East London primary schools having to temporarily close to eradicate an infestation. False Widow spiders are much more common in London in particular, as well as the south and south East. As our London spider removal teams explain to their customers, it is not that there are more of them coming into the UK, but rather that their populations are increasing within the UK as the climate becomes warmer.

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Spiders Proofing & Removal Services

There are certain ‘do-it-yourself’ spider proofing measures that you can take at your London property to help remove spider infestations. Spiders feed off other insects, so controlling other insects in your home will help keep spiders away. Preventative measures include basic hygiene and regular cleaning, in particular disposing of rubbish properly, cleaning away food debris, and regular vacuuming. Other spider control measures you can take at your London property include making sure any gaps or small holes in walls and attics are blocked up to prevent the spiders entering.

However, when spiders have infested your home and preventative control measures have not worked, our spider catchers at Top Dog Pest Control are on hand to find the spiders’ hiding places and effectively treat the problem at the root, which can be very difficult for people without professional training. Finding the spiders hiding places and identifying which species they are is the hardest part of the operation and key to getting a London spider infestation under control.

Once the source of the problem has been identified, Top Dog Pest Control technicians can determine whether the spiders are of a poisonous variety and can then decide which form of treatment is more appropriate for the type of spider and the nature of the infestation.

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Our Expert Spider Removal Technicians

When you call Top Dog Pest Control about your spider infestation or spider control problem, our expert spider removal technicians offer a full consultation and survey to investigate the nature of your spider problem, before deciding on the best steps for removal.

Even if you have only seen a small number of spiders but are concerned they may be poisonous or indicate a larger problem at your London property, our spider catcher team of technicians will work to determine the danger posed by the spiders and provide you with the complete picture, before eradicating the issue completely.

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