Top Dog Pest Control is at your immediate disposal when you find you have a rat control problem on your London premises. Attending call outs every day to both residential and commercial properties in order to treat rat infestations, our friendly London-based rat removal technicians have the knowledge and expertise to effectively rid you of your London rat control problems once and for all!

Our industry-trained technicians comply with the Environmental Agency Protocol to dispose of all spent bait and rat carcasses. Top Dog Pest Control also takes upmost care when using rodenticides and ensures that other species are not affected by the toxins, such as pets or local wildlife.

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London Rat Problems?

Rat problems can cause significant risk to the health of all those living in an affected London property, even pets.

Rats can squeeze through the smallest of holes in your property, be them damaged air bricks, a hole near a waste pipe or any other failure in the building. Carrying a wide range of diseases and parasites including salmonella and toxoplasmosis, any level of London rat control problem is a danger to all residents and requires the rapid response rat removal service from Top Dog Pest Control.

If your London home or business has a rat control problem or infestation, take action today! Call our skilled London team on 0800 7 999 880 to organise a consultation.

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Rat Prevention

Prevention is the first step to take when it comes to rat control problems in and around London. This includes observing basic hygiene and disposing of food correctly both inside and outside of your London property. This prevents the rats from finding the all-necessary food source they require. Rats are incredibly territorial and they will not give up easily once a source of food and water is found. Being so highly populated, London is a perfect environment for rats to thrive from food waste. Other prevention measures include regularly keeping outside areas clean and closing up any holes or cracks in your property so that the rats are not able to gain access to your London building.

Unfortunately, despite your preventative efforts, rat control issues do often occur anyway. Should this occur, Top Dog Pest Control’s skilled and local rat removal technicians are only a phone call away to solve all of your London rat control problems quickly and effectively.

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London Rat Catchers and Removal

At Top Dog Pest Control, our skilled technicians implement a multi-pronged attack to quickly and effectively eradicate your London rat control issue. The first line of attack will most likely be to use rodenticides such as Warfarin or Chlorophacinone. In certain cases where rats appear to have some immunity to these toxins, our specialised technicians will turn to more potent options, such as Bromadiolone or Difenacoum. Cellulose-based products that limit the rats’ water consumption can also be used where necessary.

Whatever the level of London rat infestation you are facing, our expert rat removal team will always find a solution and would expect your rat control problem to significantly decrease soon after treatment, disappearing completely with follow-up treatment in the days that follow.

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Rat Treatment Process and Disposal

On arrival at your London premises, Top Dog Pest Control will begin the rat control treatment and disposal process by undertaking both an internal and external survey of your London property, in order to gain as much information about your rat infestation. All affected areas will be identified by our trusted and skilled London rat control technicians, who will then devise a step-by-step rat treatment plan to thoroughly eradicate the problem, which will include disposal of the rat carcasses. The effectiveness of the treatment will be measured throughout the treatment process, with our dedicated London rat control team returning to your property at regular intervals, modifying as necessary until your rat control problem has been completely eradicated.

There is increasing evidence that some rat populations are becoming immune to certain rat control treatments. If Top Dog Pest Control finds that a local London rat population is exhibiting resistance, alternative methods will be deployed, such as the use of Brodifacoum and Flocoumafen or different types of traps such as cage, break-back, and spring traps. When using traps our expert London technicians always adhere to animal welfare legislation and guidance to eradicate the rodents as humanly as possible, avoiding unnecessary suffering.

In cases where Top Dog Pest Control locates rat burrows in the grounds of your London property, another method that can be used is gassing using aluminium phosphide pellets.

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