Are you in need of London mice control on your premises, be it your home or business? Top Dog London Pest Control have highly trained mouse removal technicians operate throughout the whole of London to safely and effectively resolve your mouse control problem once and for all!

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Mouse Damage & Disease

The risk of disease from London mice control issues is commonly known, but being in need of mice removal also means that your property is at significant risk of structural or fire damage. Mice nibble almost constantly and chew through anything from electricity and utility cables to wooden structures, causing extensive damage to your London property and significant damage to your bank balance. Even more worryingly, this damage from mice also greatly increases the risk of electrocution and fire.

Mice urine, hair and droppings that are left behind as they scuttle around your London home or business can contaminate anything from food, to household surfaces, to water sources. This means that there id serious risk from diseases and parasites including tapeworm, salmonella, a form of meningitis and murine typhus. Especially dangerous to young children, these diseases can affect anyone in a building that requires London mice removal.

Eliminating London mice control issues is essential to protect you from the significant dangers they pose to your health, and that of the people around you. Top Dog Pest Control has a mice removal team on standby 24/7 to attend your call out all over London when you find yourself in this difficult and distressing situation.

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Mouse Control and Prevention

Top Dog Pest Control’s London technicians are skilled in utilising a range of both mice control methods and also mice prevention techniques. Initially, our London mouse removal technicians will carry out a thorough internal and external inspection to determine the scale and nature of your mouse control problem and will then devise the best-fitting treatment plan. You will be kept informed at all times and will be able to ask any questions you may have.

Once the size of your London mouse control problem has been established, your dedicated mouse removal technician will choose from a range of solutions, including tamper bait boxes loaded with professional-grade rodenticides which are not available to the general public, and break-back traps placed in strategic places to target the mice at their feeding points. Top Dog Pest Control uses their extensive knowledge and skill to effectively deploy these treatments to eradicate any level of London mice control infestation.

Occasionally further measures are necessary and our experienced London team have the required training and licence to be able to use sticky board treatments, ensuring that the mice are humanely disposed of afterwards.

Before leaving your London property, the London mouse removal team at Top Dog Pest Control will advise you of prevention methods against another mice infestation taking control.

Our Expert Mouse Removal Technicians

Our London-based mice control experts operate 24/7 and will be with you very quickly following your call to Top Dog Pest Control to report a mice control issue. After a detailed consultation and survey of your London property to establish the degree, nature and location of your mice infestation, your dedicated technician will take you through the options available to efficiently eradicate your mouse control problem.

Top Dog Pest Control always uses tamper bait boxes where children and pets are present to ensure there is no risk to them. Finally, our London mice removal experts return to your premises to monitor progress and dispose of the mice until both you and them are satisfied you are being left mouse-free.

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