Hornet control problems can pose significant risks to people and pets living near their nests, as hornets are larger and more poisonous than wasps or bees. Hornets may be less aggressive than wasps, but their stings are more painful and they can sting multiple times, which can cause allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, which is extremely serious and more likely with hornet stings than wasp or bee stings.

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs has recently stated that there may be an increase in the number of Asian Hornets, which are even more poisonous as their sting has more power. This is in addition to the European Hornet, which is the most common type of hornet in the UK and one seen frequently in London by Top Dog Pest Control in the summer months.

Like bees or wasps, hornets are hive-building animals and their hives or nests contain a great many hornets. Although individual hornets tend to be less aggressive than individual wasps, if their nest is threatened or if they are exposed to certain smells such as particular perfumes, the whole colony can mobilise and become extremely aggressive. Moreover, killing an individual hornet can create a specific scent that signals a threat to the other members of the hive, causing the to attack.

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Hornet Proofing & Nest Removal Services

Hornet nests tend to be largest in the summer months and do not survive the winter, but while they are thriving they can be dangerous to live near and require immediate removal by Top Dog Pest Control.

Sometimes it is hard for people without professional training to tell the difference between hornet and wasp nests and this causes them to underestimate how resilient the hive can be. Some people then attempt to deal with the nest by using shop-bought insecticide treatments, which are ineffective and can actually aggravate the hornets further. Top Dog Pest Control recommends that you never try to remove a hornet nest yourself as this can pose real dangers to you and those around you.

When you call Top Dog Pest Control our highly-skilled technicians will first perform an initial assessment to confirm that they’re dealing with a hornet infestation and will then use specialist protective equipment and a chemical dust called Bendiocarb to eliminate the hornets. Our technicians will then remove the nest itself.

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Our Expert Hornet Removal Technicians

At Top Dog Pest Control, our skilled technicians have the expertise and training to quickly identify the type of hornet infestation you are facing and the danger posed by the nest to you and your loved ones. They will then consult with you to determine the best course of action, before deploying specialist, professional treatments to safely and effectively remove the risk posed by the hornet infestation from your London home.

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