If you are reading this then the chances are that you are in need of London cluster fly pest control because you have a room, or potentially a house, full of cluster flies. On top of being hugely unpleasant to have in large numbers in your London property, even though cluster flies do not bite, they do contaminate food, which can make people very poorly. This is why London fly control in essential.

Top Dog Pest Control is your go to local London company when it comes to fly pest control, using fast-acting, knock down treatments that will have you fly-free in no time.

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Cluster Fly Proofing & Removal Services

Proofing against cluster flies can avoid the need for fly removal or control and is very similar to proofing against other pests, requiring maintaining a good level of hygiene and blocking up any entry points that the flies could use to access your London property.

Cluster flies seek the warmth of your London house as the weather cools down in the winter, and enter areas such as the attic through small holes in the building work, much in the same way as wasps or bees would. Once inside, a single female fly could lay between 400 and 600 eggs. A London fly control problem in your London home generally remains unfound until the weather warms up again and the eggs hatch, often resulting in hundreds of flies entering the living spaces.

Although shop bought fly control sprays can be very effective on smaller numbers of flies, larger scale fly control problems require intervention by a London pest control company. Top Dog Pest Control has the fast-acting treatments, the specialised apparatus and the experienced fly control technicians necessary to eradicate any level of cluster fly infestation that you may be dealing with.

Another point to consider is that cluster flies leave a pheromone to indicate their nesting places, so left untreated, you will most likely find yourself with another fly control issue next year. As part of our cluster fly control treatment, our London fly control technicians will eliminate this pheromone to ensure there isn’t a repeat of the problem.

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Our Expert Cluster Fly Removal Technicians

Our expert cluster fly removal technicians experience most London fly control call outs during springtime as the flies wake up from hibernation and eggs hatch, often resulting in a surge of cluster flies entering your London home. However, reports do also come in when London residents have been up into their attics and found hibernating cluster flies. This makes fly control treatment a lot more straightforward as the flies have not started to fly yet. So, if you are lucky enough to spot cluster flies before they wake from hibernation, call in our expert London fly removal technicians immediately to rid yourself and your London property of them before spring.

As always, Top Dog Pest Control offers a follow-up service as standard, so whether you call us out to remove hibernating or active cluster flies, our expert London fly control technicians will make sure that they have been 100% eradicated from your London abode.

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