As well as providing residential pest control services, Top Dog Pest Control also has a range of commercial services. Our most popular commercial pest control services include:

More and more, businesses are deciding to sign up to pest inspection packages to ensure that their premises do not become victim to insect or rodent infestations. Top Dog Pest Control provides different levels of pest inspection packages, where an on-site visit is carried out on a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the business. Here measures will be put into place to protect your commercial premises from insects and rodents, and also treat any early signs of infestation, should they occur.

Top Dog Pest Control considers itself to be London’s 4th emergency service and is also available 24/7 for emergency call outs to commercial premises.

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Pest Inspection Packages

Ensure maximum protection for your London business by signing up to a Top Dog Pest Control pest inspection package.

Bronze Pest Control Package

Quarterly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Free emergency callouts NOT included
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Silver Pest Control Package

Monthly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
2 FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Gold Pest Control Package

Fortnightly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Unlimited FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Receive a FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY prior to committing to any pest inspection package.

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Certification of Cover

Top Dog Pest Control issues Certification of Cover for all its commercial services at the very first visit. Displaying this in your business shows due diligence and gives your customers every confidence that pest control forms an important part of your health and safety planning.

Threats To Your Business

Insect and rodent infestations can cause a threat to commercial properties themselves, as well as to the finances of the business; something which Top Dog Pest Control has seen time and time again.

Rodents control problems are the obvious threat to food establishments, whilst bed bugs can cause havoc once they have infested a hotel. Wasps can also cause a great threat to businesses if they nest in or around the commercial properties, as people will instantly shy away from a shop entrance or a beer garden if there are large numbers of wasps around.

Top Dog Pest Control also reminds business clients that it is not only the welfare of its clients that should be considered, but also that of its employees. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 employers are bound to protect their employees from exposure to diseases brought by pest infestations.

Whatever pest control issue you may be dealing with at your London commercial property, Top Dog Pest Control strongly encourages you to contact them as soon as possible, as any infestation that is left untreated will rapidly grow in size and intensity, causing larger risks to your company.

Call Top Dog on 0775 1728 221

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