Bee nest control is more complicated than dealing with other pests, given that bees in the UK are in severe decline and are so very important to our ecosystem.

However, Top Dog Pest Control does receive a large amount of calls from London clients reporting bee nests in or around their property. Even though they are far more placid that the wasp, bees still carrying the danger of stinging if they are threatened, which causes concern for those living in close proximity to a nest.

Top Dog Pest Control is the company to call when you find yourself in this position, as they will do their absolute best to find a solution that works for both you and the bees.

Bee Proofing & Nest Removal Services

Proofing your London house against bee nests is almost an impossible task, given that they are so small and can easily gain access to places such as attics, sheds and airbricks. One thing you must never attempt to do is remove a bee nest yourself, as you will put yourself at risk of being attacked as the swarm attempt to defend the nest and also risk killing the bees when there could well be a way of relocating them.

Top Dog Pest Control is able to assess how much of a risk a bee nest is causing at your London home, and will be able to advise you accordingly as to whether it needs removing or not. After talking through the details with clients, our London bee removal team often find that customers are happy to leave the bee nest in place. However, when this is not the case or if the bee nest does pose a threat to the well-being of those around, Top Dog Pest Control will do everything in its power to relocate the nest themselves or call in a local London beekeeper.

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Our Expert Bee Removal Technicians

Our expert bee removal team operates throughout London and will make your call to report a bee nest a priority. The first step taken by Top Dog Pest Control is to ascertain the type of bee you have at your London property, given that behaviour and treatment vary from bee to bee.

In the case of honeybees, the case will be passed onto a local London beekeeper as in all likelihood the bees will have come from a local hive. When a hive gets too big it eventually splits and half of the bees, along with a new queen, leave to establish a new hive somewhere else. In this case, they often come to rest in your London garden or establish a nest inside your home.

Top Dog Pest Control urges you never to destroy any form of bee nest, but especially not where honeybees are concerned. If you spray them with insecticide that they then carry back to a local London hive, it could kill the whole colony and you could face a fine of up to £15,000.

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