London bed bug pest control problems can be extremely frustrating and unpleasant to have at your property. Top Dog Pest Control has all the necessary knowledge and experience to get your bed bug infestation under control and see you bed bug free in the shortest of delays.

When customers call Top Dog Pest Control’s bed bug control team, they are often embarrassed, presuming that they haven’t kept their London home clean enough. Our friendly technicians quickly reassure them that a need for bed bug pest control is not related to cleanliness. Bed bugs do not feed on dirt but rather on the blood that they get from biting you, which leads to highly irritating and itchy bites. For some London residents, this can lead to allergic reactions or infections that require antibiotics.

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Bed Bug Proofing & Removal Services

Preventative bed bug proofing measures that can be taken at home to avoid getting to the stage of needing bed bug removal start with regular cleaning and vacuuming. Although bed bugs are not related to dirty environments, regular cleaning and vacuuming might mean that you catch the odd bed bug before an infestation has time to break out. Checking mattress seams, the back of headboards, skirting boards and behind picture frames are also good ways to find a bed bug control issue as it happens. That said, once an infestation has broken out in your London home, these measures will not suffice to eradicate the bed bug problem and you will need to call for our bed bug removal services.

Shop-bought treatments may be a good start to bed bug removal, but they only kill the adult bed bugs, meaning the eggs are left to hatch at a later date, leading to another London bed bug control infestation to break out. In order to exterminate a bed bug infestation entirely, you will need the expert services of our bed bug removal team at Top Dog Pest Control.

Your dedicated London bed bug control technician will use a multi-pronged approach, requiring you to work with them by implementing certain cleaning techniques prior to the bed bug control treatment process commencing. Following this, a combination treatment of sprays, insect growth inhibitors and Diatomaceous earth will be used to exterminate the adult bed bugs and also destroy their eggs. We do not use toxic or chemical-intensive approaches because of humans and pets being close by. Finally, your Top Dog Pest Control bed bug removal technician will advise on bed bug proofing methods for you to avoid further infestations.

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Our Expert Bed Bug Removal Technicians

Bed bug infestations can be almost impossible to completely remove without the professional services of our expert bed bug removal technicians at Top Dog Pest Control. Our London bed bug control team has the skill, experience, and equipment to completely eradicate bed bugs from your property, including both the adults and the eggs. Understanding and discreet, our expert bed bug removal technicians aim to be as non-intrusive as possible and will work around you to find the most convenient time for treatment.

Despite their name, bed bugs are not found just in beds in your London home, but also in places such as between floorboards, on furniture and soft furnishings and in any tiny crack or crevice. Bed bugs are easily transferred into your property on clothing, luggage or on second-hand furniture, meaning you can find yourself in need of our expert bed bug removal technicians at any time.

Adult bed bugs are extremely hardy creatures and can survive for a year without food. Left untreated, a bed bug control issue will grow and spread rapidly throughout your London property.

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