Ant nest pest control problems are not uncommon in London and Top Dog Pest Control receives daily call outs to properties all over the city. Although not dangerous to human health, ant nests and infestations can still be highly annoying when they take control in your London home or business. Top Dog Pest Control is your local London pest control company to call when you discover you are in need of ant nest removal!

The most common species found in London are garden ants, pharaoh ants, ghost ants and red ants, which vary in size from 1.5mm worker ants to up to 15mm long queen garden ants.

Garden and red ants are usually found around patio areas or in cracks and crevices of your London property, whereas pharaoh ants usually like to move into a kitchen or bathroom first before spreading into the rest of the house. Ants may be small but once they have discovered the sweet and high protein food that your London kitchen has to offer, they become very determined and will even go to extreme lengths of chewing through food packaging.

If you are only seeing a small number of ants in or around your London premises, this will be because ants send out scout ants first, who lay pheromone trails to lead the rest of their colony into your home or business. Once this pheromone trail has been established, it will only be a matter of time before a full scale infestation breaks out and your only option will be to call for the London ant control services of Top Dog Pest Control.

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Ant Proofing & Nest Removal Services

Taking certain ant proofing steps can help you avoid the need for London ant removal services and include cleaning away crumbs of food, storing food in airtight containers and managing rubbish effectively.

However, ant infestations do still occur despite best efforts and this is when you need to call in Top Dog Pest Control to send out a highly experienced London ant control technician. Time and time again, our ant removal team sees the results of London clients using shop bought products in an attempt to try to eradicate ant infestations from their premises themselves. Unfortunately, the chemicals in these treatments are often too weak and merely aggravate the ants. An ant colony that feels under threat uses the survival technique of splitting up and establishing multiple nests throughout your London property. In turn, this creates an even more urgent need for London ant control.

Not only are our ant removal technicians qualified to use industry-grade pesticide treatments, they are also highly-skilled in finding difficult to locate nests, which are often hidden in walls or beneath floorboards, making them hard to find for the untrained eye.

To totally remove an ant infestation, call in London based Top Dog Pest Control today.

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