Residents in Canning Town, Newham are left worried and scared in their own homes due to an unresolved rat infestation. Rats are living between walls and floors, but something is yet to be done to rid the apartment block of rodents.

Newham Families Threatened by Rats

Newham families are feeling threatened and uneasy in their own homes due to the presence of rats. Despite the fact that the properties are new builds, they are being plagued by large mould patches and rat control problems.

One resident who suffers from Leukaemia and cares for his disabled wife says it is unfair that nothing has been done as he and his wife spend most of the days at home and have to live with unpleasant smells and poor standards of living when they are unwell themselves.

A mother-of-four complains that her little boy was now scared of getting in the bath as rats can be heard moving around underneath it. She says that she is no longer able to relax in her own living room as the noises coming from the walls and floors are so loud and she never knows when a rat will appear in the room. After being forced to move out of their previous flat due to damp problems that were causing one of her children to be ill, moving into this new build apartment was supposed to be a new start for her and her family. She explains that this has now been ruined and it is mentally draining constantly pushing to have the problem resolved.

Residents are not asking for compensation, but just a safe, healthy and peaceful place to live. Christmas has been a very stressful time for them, rather than a special time in their new homes.

Rodent Entry Points in Newham Apartments

Although a London pest control company has been called out to the affected apartment, treatment has been ineffective due to the fact that the rodent entry points need to be found to stop the rats gaining access. This calls for a thorough internal and external investigation of the apartment block.

The owners of the Newham apartments say it is waiting for this to be completed by their contractors, who will locate any holes in the structure that could be being used by the rats to gain entry to the apartments, and then seal them off. If the London rat control problem is then to continue, pest control will be called back in to relay treatment.

Rat Infestation Control in London

Dean Mannion, Operations Manager at Top Dog Pest Control comments that the Newham residents are being put at considerable risk the longer that the rat infestation goes on for.

“Rats carry a host of nasty diseases and parasites including salmonella and toxoplasmosis, which are a threat to anyone, but especially young children and people with impaired immune systems.”

“It is within the interests of the owner of any building that has been infested with rats to act as quickly as possible, as in addition to health risks there is also threat to the structure of the building itself. Rats, as well as mice and squirrels, gnaw on wood which can lead to parts of the structure needing replacing or repairing. On top of this, rodents have also been known to chew through electrical cabling which has lead to domestic fires.”

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London rat removal services. 

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