Fears of an increase in rat population are amongst the concerns as more and more councils in the UK remove pest control from the services they provide in an attempt to adhere to budget cuts after several years of austerity.

Gone are the days for many UK residents when you could call your local council for free or heavily subsidised pest control. Free services have dropped by a quarter in the past four years and according to the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) further reductions are expected within the next three years.

The areas experiencing the most cuts in pest control are the northwest and the southeast, with many London boroughs following close behind.

Resistant Rats

On top of the reduction, studies are showing that rats are becoming resistant to conventional poisons. Genetic testing carried out by the University of Huddersfield showed that rats in Berkshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Kent all showed immunity.

This, coupled with less council pest control, has raised concerns of a surge in the rat population all over England.

One way to face the rats head on is by calling in local pest control professional who will be able to use stronger poisons that are not available to the general public.

Warning from Top Dog Pest Control

Dean Mannion, Operations Manager at Top Dog Pest Control, issues the following warning about attempting to deal with a pest infestation yourself:

“As council pest control becomes something of the past, pest control companies like Top Dog Pest Control are being called to situations where people have attempted, and failed, to use DIY methods and shop bought products to control an infestation. Doing so carries great risk to you and others around you and we at Top Dog Pest Control strongly warn against it.”

Risks of DIY Pest Treatments

Rats and mice: poison is often put down in unsafe areas, putting children, pets and wildlife at high risk. In addition, people tend to treat the visible problem without addressing the source, meaning the problem will return.

Squirrels: a fact not generally known about squirrels is the extremely unpleasant smell given off by their carcasses. So even if you manage to poison the squirrels that have set up home in your attic, you may find that they crawl into a hard to reach place, leaving you with a very nasty aroma in your house. Professional pest controllers will catch the squirrels and dispose of their carcasses away from your property.

Wasps and bees: a common method used to attempt to eradicate wasps or bees is to buy a DIY spray from a local hardware store of supermarket. However, these often just aggravate a nest and make the problem worse, leading pest controllers to arrive to a dangerous situation. One thing that must NEVER be done is to block up the entrance to a nest that is inside your property. Wasps and bees will find another way out and you are very likely to end up with an angry swarm in your house.

Top Dog Pest Control is your go-to company when you are need of dealing with any form of pest infestation.

Using the latest top-of-the-range equipment and treatments, Top Dog Pest Control will make your home and premises pest-free in no time at all, whilst keeping you and all around you safe.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London rat control services. 

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