Top Dog Pest Control was called out to a Fulham home recently, after a call from a distressed customer reporting a flea infestation.

After taking initial details of the flea control problem, Operations Manager, Dean Mannion, attended the very same morning.

The Problem: Fleas in Multiple Rooms

On arrival, a full history was taken followed by a thorough internal inspection of the three-bedroom Fulham property, which unveiled fleas to be present in multiple rooms.

The mother of a four-month-old baby was clearly very worried about the Fulham flea control problem. She was naturally concerned that the fleas would start biting her young baby, not least because she herself was covered in fleabites.

The Fulham mum explained that it had taken them a few days to realise that they had a flea infestation. The lady was waking up in the mornings with more and more bites, but after checking for bed bugs, mosquitoes and other possible causes, they drew a blank. It wasn’t until a dark brown flea jumped onto her baby’s pure white baby grow that her husband managed to catch it and identify it.

As with the majority of flea cases, once you have seen one, it’s easy to find more. As the couple inspected further the situation became clear, and they put in a call to Top Dog Pest Control.

The Cause: Fleas Appear as Cat Disappears

On asking whether there were any pets present in the house, the lady explained that their cat had disappeared just the week before. She explained that with life being hectic with a new born, they may have been a few days late with the last flea treatment.

Dean Mannion explained that this is all it takes for a cat to transfer fleas into a property. He also went on to inform his Fulham client that it is very common for a flea control problem to become apparent in a home where a cat has just disappeared or died. In the absence of their primary and preferred food source that is the cat, the fleas will turn to the next best thing. Unfortunately for the lady, in this case it was her. The good news was that the fleas seemed to like her so much that they were leaving her baby girl alone.

The Solution: Residual Spray

Given the fact that the fleas were in multiple rooms, Top Dog Pest Control recommended a whole house treatment, where a residual product would be sprayed throughout, killing the fleas as they came into contact with it.

Dean explained that it would take several visits to ensure that all fleas were eradicated. As flea eggs hatch on vibrations felt by people walking and going about their daily lives opening cupboards, moving items around, the Fulham residents were told to expect to experience reappearances of the fleas for the immediate future, but that the residual treatment would continue to work and kill the fleas as they jumped onto it.

The Fulham mum was left with Dean’s phone number and told to call if she was concerned at all.

Three visits later and a course of antibiotics for the poor customer’s nasty flea bites, the Fulham property has just been given the all clear and is finally free of fleas.

This situation could was distressing enough for the young family, but it could have been a lot worse if they had not called in Top Dog Pest Control as soon as they realised they had a flea control problem at their Fulham home.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control, who provides London flea control services. 

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