Below you will find one example of the many scenarios Top Dog London Pest Control faces every day when we are called out to tackle a residential pest control problem.

If you find yourself facing any kind of pest issue in London, whether it’s rodents or insects, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Rodent Sighting

It’s 2.00am, I’ve been asleep for hours. The husband returns from a night out on the London town, reporting that he’s just seen a mouse in the kitchen. The animal lover in him thinks this is exciting news; the idea that I could give birth any day and have mice in the house strikes fear into me. However, it’s 2.00 am and I agree to finding a solution for us… and the mouse, in the morning.

No Bread for Breakfast

Fresher faced and calmer, I came downstairs in the morning, eyes peeled in case our visitor was having a morning snack. No sign. Naively I started to think that maybe it was a one off and seeing my husband had scared the little mouse off. I reached for the bread that was on the kitchen top… to be proven very wrong.

A hole had been nibbled in the bag and our little mouse has beaten me to breakfast. I’ve never been good in the morning without breakfast but at 8 months pregnant, no-one or nothing interfered with my food! Husband sent for more bread.

Humane Solution for Our Mouse

However irked I was with our mouse, my softer side eventually emerged and we went to buy a humane trap, sure that we could handle the problem ourselves and let the little mouse go in a local London park.

Idyllic, but unrealistic is the only way I’ll describe that idea.

Days and numerous different baits later, our humane mousetrap was empty. Unfortunately, the kitchen drawers were not.

As the days went on, the activity increased. Every morning we could see that either the mouse was getting braver, or there were mice, not a mouse. The larder drawers, which I’d scrubbed just the week before in a fit of nesting, were littered with droppings and we were throwing away packet after packet after it had been eaten through. Enough was enough.

Top Dog Pest Control to the Rescue

I made the call to Top Dog Pest Control who came to the rescue the very same day. Immediately reassured by the knowledge and professionalism of the Operations Manager, Dean Mannion, an internal and external inspection of the house was carried out.

Then came the word… rat! Dean, whose experience and knowledge were plain to see, said that although mice were a possibility, the droppings could well be a pregnant female RAT!

Top Dog Pest Control set to work setting poison-based traps in tamper proof boxes. This wasn’t his only plan though. On his external inspection he had noticed a lot of the original airbricks in our Victorian house were corroded, leaving holes largely big enough for a rat to get through. He covered them up with spare bricks and told me to purchase wire mesh covers to fix over each airbrick.

The Result

From that afternoon, we never saw another sign of rodents in the house. My fears of having to pick up rat carcasses were unfounded, and it appeared our rodent had been more of a nighttime visitor after a midnight snack, entering through the airbricks but not actually residing in the house. Phew.

Airbrick covers fitted, a lot of deep cleaning undertaken and replacement food stocks purchased, we were back to normal within a week… and baby arrived the week after!

My advice? Don’t hesitate; call in Top Dog London Pest Control. DIY traps are unlikely to solve the problem, and even if they do, the rodents will be back if you haven’t found how they are entering your property.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control, alongside one of our customers. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London rat control services. 

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