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Top Dog Pest Control has the skill, expertise, and equipment to effectively deal with all sorts of insect infestations and insect control problems in the Newham area. If you have an insect control problem or suspect you do, call our friendly team today so we can start solving your problem!

Whether it's cockroaches, wasps, ants, silverfish, or many other types of insect or pest, our Top Dog Pest Control technicians can effectively eliminate the problem quickly and discreetly.

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Newham Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Bee control and bee nests removal pose unique problems to Newham property owners as you have to balance the environmental significance of bees and their nests versus the dangers bees present. Bee stings can be extremely painful and can in some cases cause severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. Bees are also much more likely to become defensive and sting if their nest is threatened, such as when people try to remove them from their Newham properties. It is therefore recommended that you call in the professionals at Top Dog Pest Control to remove the bee nest to prevent harm to you and those around you.

Top Dog Pest Control will always try and remove the nest intact along with the live bees, which is important from an environmental perspective, but completely removing the bees from your property is also our top priority. Our Newham team has the skills and training to safely remove nests and eliminate the danger posed by the bees.

Newham Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

During the warmer summer months wasp control problems and wasp nests can become a real issue in the Newham area. Wasps can be extremely aggressive and unlike bees can sting multiple times, increasing the risk of severe reactions and causing real pain to their victims. Wasp nests are therefore a danger to have on your Newham property and wasp control is very important.

Top Dog Pest Control will perform an initial survey of your wasp nest and then decide how best to proceed using a specialist chemical call Bendiocarb, which completely destroys them. Our Newham experts then provide follow-up to ensure that the process has been 100% effective and that you are totally satisfied.

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Newham Hornet Control

Hornet nest control is becoming a more prevalent pest problem in the UK, and Newham is no exception. As the weather becomes warmer hornets and their nests present specific dangers to property owners as hornets are larger and more poisonous than wasps and their nests are harder to remove.

Top Dog Pest Control uses the same chemical we use to destroy wasp nests but in higher concentrations in order to eliminate the nest and the hornets inside.

Newham Cluster Fly Control

Cluster flies are more than just unsightly and unpleasant, they also increase the risk of food contamination, which means that eradication of the cluster fly infestation and regaining control of the problem is important for Newham property owners. Cluster flies hibernate in homes and businesses during the winter months and then emerge as the weather warms up, often in high numbers.

At Top Dog Pest Control we recommend early intervention to deal with cluster fly infestations as regaining control can be more difficult once they have finished hibernating, so call our knowledgeable team at the first signs of infestation! Even if you are unable to catch the infestation early, our Newham technicians can still solve your infestation problem quickly, discreetly, and effectively, so don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

Newham Bed Bug Control and Removal

Bed bug problems can be a real nuisance when they infest your Newham property as they are a difficult pest to control and remove without the skills of the professionals at Top Dog Pest Control. One of the first signs that you have a bed bug problem is itchy bites that you get in the night. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don't just live in beds, they also live in cracks in the floorboards, in soft furnishings, furniture, and carpets.

When you call our dedicated team at Top Dog Pest Control our Newham technicians will use their wide experience and work with you to ensure that your bed bug problems are completely resolved.

Newham Flea Control

Flea control and flea infestation can affect any home in Newham, not just those with pets. Fleabites are itchy, painful, and unpleasant for most people, but they can also transmit diseases or tapeworm and can become infected and require antibiotics.

Using a combined approach using Diatomaceous earth, traditional insecticides, and insect growth regulators, Top Dog Pest Control's Newham technicians can solve your flea problem quickly and effectively.

Newham Silverfish Control

The first signs that your Newham property has a silverfish control issue or infestation will normally be the destruction they cause to your possessions, such as book, furniture, and clothes. Silverfish are not dangerous to humans, but they can cause many pounds' worth of damage as they destroy your property.

When you call Top Dog Pest Control, our Newham technicians will first survey the property to establish the exact nature of the silverfish problem, then use the latest extermination techniques to remove the infestation, finally offering advice about how to avoid further infestations.

Newham Cockroach Control

Cockroach control problems and infestations pose significant risks to human health as they can contaminate food, causing illness. Professional approaches to extermination of cockroaches are recommended as eliminating the infestation using products available in shops can be difficult. This is because they tend to only destroy the cockroaches that are seen, not those hiding in the walls or under the floor or in other hard to reach areas of your Newham property.

Using specialist skill and equipment, Top Dog Pest Control's Newham technicians can completely destroy the cockroaches and remove the infestation no matter where they are nesting.

Newham Spider Control

Spider infestations can be a distressing problem for Newham residents, particularly when your spider control problem is in your home or business. Reports about poisonous spiders in the UK in the media are also causing alarm and anxiety, as people are concerned their spider infestation may be dangerous.

Top Dog Pest Control's skilled technicians can quickly identify whether your Newham spider problem is a risk or not and can consult with you and help you decide the best course of action even if they are not poisonous.

Newham Ant Control

Ant control problems and infestations typically start with a few "scout" ants entering your Newham property to find a source of food and shelter. These ants are then followed by many more as they establish a nest within your home or business. Typically, home or business owners attempt to deal with their infestation using products available commercially in shops. Unfortunately, these can just spread the ant colony out rather than destroying it, which makes effectively eradicating the ants even more difficult.

Top Dog Pest Control's Newham technicians use specialist techniques to destroy the ants and their nest completely and effectively, ridding you of your ant control problems.

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