Newham Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Bird proofing and bird control in Newham and the rest of London is becoming an essential part of building maintenance, as the number of birds such as pigeons and gulls rise.

Creating risks to health, slip hazards, structural damage, as well as being unsightly, birds are not something to ignore when they gather in numbers either on or in your Newham property.

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Newham Bird Control

Any Newham property is at risk of needing bird control, from a single house to multi-storey office block. Top Dog Pest Control has dealt with cases from a lone bird that has become trapped inside a building, to cases that have involved large flocks of birds.

With an increase of reports of attacks from gulls over the summer months, many Newham businesses, in particular, are taking steps during the autumn and winter months to call in professional London pest control. Given the fact that the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 prevents birds from being killed or from nests being removed, even in the build phase, autumn and winter are prime times to carry out bird control measures while birds such as gulls migrate.

Top Dog Pest Control has the knowledge to implement cost-effective, durable and long-term solutions that will prevent birds from returning to a particular area, large or small.

Newham Bird Proofing

Newham bird proofing services provided by Top Dog Pest Control are preventive measures that can be implemented before a bird control problem arises, or afterwards to ensure the issue does not reoccur.

Bird proofing solutions are quick and easy to install for London pest control professionals with the relevant equipment, required knowledge and experience. They are also extremely cost effective as they can prevent further costs in bird control. After carrying out a detailed survey of your Newham property, your specialised technician will discuss the best-suited options for your particular situation:

Spikes: Used to prevent birds from perching on ledges, spikes are available in different sizes, heights and lengths, making them a very adaptable form of bird control.

Sprung Wire: similar to and often used together with spikes, sprung wire can be used on very narrow areas and both are very low-profile and discreet.

Nets: bird control netting is a quick, cost-effective solution that is able to protect large surface areas such as multi-storey elevations and expansive roof spaces. A popular solution for multi-storey car parks and listed buildings.

Gel: a highly effective bird control method, small discs containing gel change birds' vision from UV to fire-like, making them vacate the area due to perceived danger.

Plastic Strip Curtains: goods entrances at warehouses and depots are particularly susceptible to birds gaining entry to a building. Plastic strip curtains are a simple, cost-effective option that allow the flow of vehicles but that keep the birds out.

Newham and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Newham as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

Bird Control Services in Newham

Bird control in Newham is one of the many London pest control services provided by Top Dog Pest Control. With the essential industry training and the all important knowledge of bird behaviour, all of our technicians are able to treat bird control issues as well as offer advice on bird proofing measures that could prevent another problem arising.

Operating 24/7 all over London, we can have one of our professional and trusted bird control and proofing technicians with you one the very same day you call.

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