Is pest control on your checklist when you are preparing to move house? It should be! Packing boxes, organising moving companies, the grueling task of clearing out the attic and the garden shed will all be at the front of your mind, but spending a small amount of time and money on pest control now could save you from a huge bill and a world of stress further down the line!

Cleaning is NOT Pest Control

A large part of moving day is usually spent cleaning, as you hoover frantically before handing over old key, and then try to clean through your new house before the movers start unloading furniture. In terms of hygiene, it is fine; in terms of pest control, it is not enough!

Many pests are small enough to hide away in cracks and crevices and no amount of hoovering and mopping will catch every last one of them. Whether they are fleas, ants or cockroaches, those that are best at hiding will be the ones that lead to you finding an infestation just days after moving into your dream London home. You’ll turn the light on in the kitchen to see cockroaches scatter, or you’ll wake up covered in itchy bites.

Rodents are timid night-time creatures that are unlikely to put in an appearance whilst you’re having a spring clean of a new property and banging around moving furniture and unloading boxes. They will however, venture out at night to feast on the left-overs of that take-away pizza you ordered after a long day of moving!

Steps to a Pest-free New Home!

Top Dog Pest Control shares the steps you should take to ensure a pest-free new home:

Pest Hidey-Holes
Different pests have different favourite hidey-holes. Top Dog Pest Control points you in the right direction to inspect your new home:

  • Fleas: cracks and crevices ALL over your house, including in between floorboards, in furniture, along skirting boards.
  • Bed bugs: like fleas, but often in seams of mattresses, behind headboards and pictures hanging on the bedroom walls.
  • Ants: often found in long lines along skirting boards ad edges of kitchen units.
  • Cockroaches: extremely good at hiding, check behind kick boards and the fridge, inside cupboards and also anywhere that is damp, such as the bathroom and near drains.
  • Bees, wasps and hornets: nests are often found in attics, sheds and outhouses, and also attached to the eves of a house.
  • Squirrels: a quick look up in the attic will tell you if you have squirrels inside your new home. Look for nesting and faeces.
  • Foxes: due to the rise in the number of urban foxes in London, it is worth checking any outside space that comes with your new home, especially in sheds, under decking and in any undergrowth.

High-Risk Properties
Be extra aware if you are moving into a high-risk property. Certain properties are higher risk than others, with one of the biggest big factors being whether there was a cat or dog present previously. Owners are not always aware that their pet has fleas, due to the fact the fleas have a food source while the animal is present. However, once the pet leaves, the fleas will turn to human in the absence of an animal. Top Dog Pest Control receives regular call outs to this very situation as Londoners find themselves with a flea infestation in their new home.

Other high-risk properties are those situated in close proximity to restaurants and take-aways, as the waste food is a great attraction for rodents and cockroaches. Given the built up nature and number of eateries in London, this is also a common call out.

Top Dog Pest Control Pre-Move Inspections

Although you can give your new London home a thorough inspection yourself, the trained eyes of our expert technicians at Top Dog Pest Control will be able to spot evidence of pests that the untrained eye will miss.

Working together with you, Top Dog Pest Control can have a team of specialists go into your home to do a pre-move inspection. Treatment for certain pest like fleas and bedbugs is most efficient before furniture is moved in, as the property will be a blank canvas. This also prevents your belonging becoming infested. So, your action plan is:

  • Get your keys
  • Let us in
  • Go for lunch while treatment dries
  • Come back to a pest-free home!
  • Unload, unpack and…order that take-away pizza!

Treating an empty property is quick and easy and will save you an immense amount of stress!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides Residential Pest Control in London. 

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