The Major Impact of Council Pest Control Cuts

Published: 22/06/2017

Data from the BPCA National Survey 2016 reveals that the number of issues responded to by local authorities and councils dropped by a staggering 22% in 2016!

The British Pest Control Association believes this significant drop is due to the decline of staffing levels and is recommending that councils ensure adequate funds are allocated to this essential service.

364 out of 390 district, borough and unitary authorities in the UK replied to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the BPCA.

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World Pest Day 2016

The BPCA released their 2016 report on World Pest Day (June 6th).

World Pest Day is an initiative to raise awareness of global pest control professionals and revealed how reducing resources have let to the decline of a vital public service which was once readily available from local authorities.

Council Pest Control Staffing Levels Reduced

Under the pressure to produce savings, a range of public services have been cut, and pest control is one of them.

The report reveals that staff levels within UK local authority pest control units have been reduced by almost 25% since 2012. During this same period, response rates have dropped 33%.

Only 20 of the 292 operating a public pest control service offer the service for free. This poses a public health risk, particularly in low-income areas.

UK Pest Callout Statistics

The survey revealed some interesting statistics regarding areas of the UK reporting pest control issues.

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Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog Pest Control provides London pest control services.

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