Have you ever noticed that ‘London’ is our middle name here at Top Dog London Pest Control? Although we go by the catchier name of Top Dog Pest Control that rolls of the tongue a little easier, you will see on our URL that our full official name is Top Dog London Pest Control:

Why Top Dog ‘London’ Pest Control?

Well, we’re going to give you two answers to nearly the same question here: why the name Top Dog London Pest Control, and why choose Top Dog Pest Control:

Why the name Top Dog London Pest Control?

The simple answer to this is that we are all about London pest control:

  • We operate in every area of London, so you will never call us and get told that we cannot reach you. Wherever you need London pest control, we will be there… no questions asked, no higher fee, no sharp intake of breath followed by a reluctant ‘wellll, we’ll try our best to get to you, but it’s a bit far, mate!”.
  • All of our expert and qualified pest control technicians are based in London. Having technicians based in multiple London locations means that we keep our response times to an absolute minimum. We know that when you are in need of London pest control, you need a company that can have someone there as soon as possible.

Why Choose Top Dog Pest Control?

In addition to the two points above, there is a whole host of reasons why we believe you should choose Top Dog Pest Control when you are in need of London pest control services:

  • Personal Service: contrary to belief, larger chain companies don’t always offer the best services, for many reasons. Top Dog Pest Control offer a more personal service and will take the time to investigate your London pest control problem thoroughly, providing you with a dedicated technician.

  • Aftercare and Follow-up: At Top Dog Pest Control, we are very realistic about the nature of pest problems, especially in highly populated areas such as London. Pests of any sort like to hide, so it is completely normal that they can re-emerge once our London pest control technicians have left. We pride ourselves on providing a start-to-finish service, and we stand by the ‘finish’ part. We will return to your London property as many times as it takes to see you completely pest-free.

  • Multiple Visits as Standard: many London councils limit the number of visits for certain types of pest control, leaving you to pay extra for additional visits. Top Dog Pest Control will not do this, as multiple visits for pests such as rats, mice, fleas and bed bugs are always needed and therefore come as standard.
  • Same Day Service: wherever you may need London pest control, we stand by our promise to be with you the very same day you call. We understand that finding pests in your London property can be distressing and waiting overnight should not be an option.
  • Advice and Pest Proofing: Top Dog Pest Control provides advice and pest proofing tips to each and every London pest control customer, in order to prevent your pest problem coming back. Our main priority is providing you with a pest-free London life.

London Pest Control

London pest control is a very sought after service; hence the reason why there are so many pest control companies out there to choose from.

Being highly populated and very built-up, London provides the ideal breeding ground for many pests from rats and mice, to bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and many more.

Choosing Top Dog Pest Control as your London pest control company will mean that you have peace of mind that your pest control problem will be dealt in the shortest of delays, by industry-trained technicians, who will not give up until your infestation is totally eradicated.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control, who strive to provide the best pest control service in London.

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