London Insect Control

London insect control is a year-round service provided by Top Dog Pest Control. Although some insects like wasps and bees are seasonal, the large majority can be found throughout the year and our service stays the same: 24/7, rapid-response, high quality and provided by industry trained technicians who are experts in the field.

Whether you are dealing with a wasp nest in summer, or bed bugs in winter, Top Dog Pest Control will have a London insect control team on your doorstep the very same day.

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London Insect Control Service

Top Dog Pest Control operates all over London and provides both residential and commercial insect control services, dealing with a large variety of insects and any level of infestation. So whether you have spotted the beginnings of an ant nest, have found bed bugs crawling in your bed, or have discovered a hornet nest, Top Dog Pest Control will adapt their London insect removal service to your specific needs.

London Wasp ControlLondon Wasp Control

Wasps pose a threat to all those around, including pets, due to their ability to swarm and sting multiple times when aggravated or threatened. Trying to deal with wasp control and wasp nest removal yourself is extremely dangerous and something that Top Dog Pest Control advises strongly against.

London Bee ControlLondon Wasp Control

Top Dog Pest Control supports the conservation of bees and will do everything in its power to find a solution that is right for you without destroying a colony of bees. Our London bee control services offer different options to clients, from advising on whether a bee nest is safe to leave where it is, to calling in a local London beekeeper to collect bees and take them to a hive, or to relocating a bee nest themselves, depending on the species of bees involved.

London Hornet ControlLondon Wasp Control

Although less aggressive than wasps, hornets are more poisonous due to their size, meaning that the London hornet control services of Top Dog Pest Control should be called on immediately upon discovering a hornet nest in or around your London property.

Our London insect removal teams are all fully trained to safely eradicate and remove a nest, using the latest treatments and equipment available.

London Flea ControlLondon Wasp Control

You can find yourself in need of London flea control even if you do not have any pets, due to the fact that they can be transferred into your home or business extremely easily. In places such as London where you are constantly in close proximity to large numbers of people, fleas can jump from one person to another, and enter a London property on clothing, shoes and bags. Once inside, they will breed like wildfire, spreading from room to room.

Top Dog Pest Control has a London insect control team on stand by whenever you should find yourself with a flea infestation.

London Bed Bug ControlLondon Wasp Control

Your London home can be spick and span, but you could still find yourself calling Top Dog Pest Control for their London bed bug control services. As international travel has become increasingly popular over recent years, call for London bed bug control has also gone up significantly, due to the fact people are bringing bed bugs back in their luggage from hotels. A very hardy insect, bed bugs spread quickly and are almost impossible to eradicate without the professional insect removal services of Top Dog Pest Control.

London Cockroach ControlLondon Wasp Control

Reports in newspapers state that cockroaches can survive many things, but what they can't survive is the expert London insect control services of Top Dog Pest Control.

Our industry-trained insect removal technicians not only have the latest treatments to wipe out any level of cockroach infestation, they also have the trained eyes to be able to locate the actual nest, making sure eggs aren't left behind to hatch and lead to a further infestation later down the line.

London Ant ControlLondon Wasp Control

Ants are an annoying insect to have marching through your London kitchen, and although they cause no immediate threat to human health, once they have found a food source, they will not leave without the London ant services of Top Dog Pest Control. Determined little creatures, ants will go as far as to chew through food packaging to access the contents, leaving holes in your larder as well as in your wallet.

London Spider ControlLondon Wasp Control

Whether you are terrified of spiders and need help getting a especially large and furry one out of your London property, have a sudden infestation on your hands, or have found a potentially poisonous species in or around your home or business, Top Dog Pest Control can will have one of its London spider control experts on your doorstep in no time at all.

Reports of poisonous spiders in London and the rest of the UK are becoming more frequent, as they get accidentally introduced into the country. If you are in any doubt about a spider inside or outside your home, call in our specially trained London spider removal team immediately.

London Silverfish ControlLondon Wasp Control

Silverfish are one of the only pests that do not pose a threat to your health or the structure of your London home. However, they will nibble their way through your personal possessions such as books, photographs and clothes, as well as wallpaper, dry wall and loft insulation.

A need for London silverfish control can mean that you have damp problems within your London property, given that the insects are drawn to moisture. Top Dog Pest Control not only provides London silverfish removal, but will also be able to point out the areas of your home or business that need attention, such as plumbing failures.

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