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London City pest and insect control is covered by Top Dog Pest Control, with technicians operating throughout the city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Top Dog Pest Control considers itself to be London's 4th emergency services, understanding that finding insects or pests in your London City home, or indeed your business, can need urgent intervention from industry trained professionals.

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London City Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Although bees do not cause as serious a threat as wasps if they have nested in or around your property in London City, Top Dog Pest Control does recognise that sometimes this is a less than ideal situation for some and bee nest removal is sometimes essential.

Bees are in decline in the UK and contribute hugely to our ecosystem. Considering this Top Dog Pest Control always strives to find a solution where they can remove the bee nest and relocate it, finding the bees a more well-situated spot to thrive in London City.

London City Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Needing to remove a wasp nest in London City is not something that should be taken lightly, and the professional services of Top Dog Pest Control should be sought immediately on discovering a problem.

Even if the nest appears to not be too populated and in an accessible area, Top Dog Pest Control strongly advises calling out one of our highly trained London City technicians to use their industry-grade chemicals and equipment to deal with the issue. Top Dog Pest Control has received calls on many an occasion from London City residents who have attempted to exterminate a nest themselves, only to find themselves with an angry swarm of wasps around their property. Don't take the risk; call Top Dog Pest Control today.

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London City Hornet Control

The low hum of a hornet is something that is becoming more frequent in London City and the rest of the UK alike, and Top Dog Pest Control is receiving more and more calls from people who have discovered a hornet nest in their property.

Hornets may be less aggressive than wasps, but their stings are much more poisonous and the risk to those around, including pets, should not be underestimated.

London City Cluster Fly Control

Cluster flies are a common pest in London City, and although harmless, they are highly unpleasant if they get into your property in high numbers, requiring treatment from Top Dog Pest Control.

The easiest period to treat cluster flies in is during hibernation when they may be hibernating in your London City roof space. However, Top Dog Pest Control receives regular phone calls as the weather warms up from customers reporting that the cluster flies have started to fly, gained access to their property and they are now in need of emergency service from our specialised London City technicians.

London City Bed Bug Control and Removal

If you are waking up in your London City abode with itchy little bites, you are most likely in need of bed bug control and removal. This is a difficult task as bed bugs are tenacious creatures and spread easily throughout entire homes, affecting soft furnishings as well as beds.

Fortunately, Top Dog Pest Control has the expertise and the experience to eradicate bed bugs and will carry out follow up appointments to guarantee you are bed bug free.

London City Flea Control

In the majority of flea control cases in London City, there are pets present and the owners have missed a routine flea treatment. However, it is not uncommon for Top Dog Pest Control to deal with cases in very populated areas such as London City where fleas have been introduced into pet-free properties. Residents are often confused over this occurrence, but what they don't realise is that a single flea that jumps onto your clothes whilst you are standing on the busy underground can be all it takes to cause an outbreak in your home.

A flea infestation can take hold rapidly, making it more difficult to deal with. Top Dog Pest Control has the latest treatments and the expert advice to guarantee to combat any level of problem you are experiencing.

London City Silverfish Control

Are you noticing small holes in books, wallpaper and clothes in your London City abode? If so, you probably have a silverfish infestation and are in need of a professional pest control treatment.

Top Dog Pest Control not only deal with controlling the silverfish problem, they also look into the source of the issue. Silverfish love damp areas, so the highly-trained eyes of our technicians will be able to alert you to any areas of concerns in your London City home so that you can avoid future silverfish breakouts.

London City Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are more common than people think in the London City area, and Top Dog Pest Control receives regular call outs from residents in need of urgent cockroach treatment.

Top Dog Pest Control does treat cockroach infestations as urgent due to the fact that they carry a number of unpleasant diseases, such as dysentery, salmonella and typhoid fever. Often found in the kitchen, there is significant risk of food contamination. Call our trusted London City technicians today to restore your home to its former clean and safe state.

London City Spider Control

Top Dog Pest Control provides the London City area with spider control, whether you have found hundreds of tiny spiders running all over your living room, or whether you have discovered a biggie and are worried that it could be one of the poisonous species being introduced into the UK, as reported in the news.

Whatever your spider concerns, Top Dog Pest Control will have a dedicated technician out to you in the shortest of delays.

London City Ant Control

Ants are fascinating creatures to watch filing along in a long line, carrying food back to their nests. However, when this food happens to be in your London City kitchen, you may find them less fascinating, and rather infuriating.

Ant problems can be very hard to control yourself, as shop-bought treatments often just aggravate nests. When under threat ant colonies split up and create several new nests, potentially all over your London City home. Don't waste time and money and risk making your ant problem worse; call the experts at Top Dog Pest Control today!

Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!
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