Lewisham Wasp Control & Wasp Nest Removal

Top Dog Pest Control is proud to provide wasp nest removal services all over the Lewisham area, as well as throughout the rest of London.. Whether you can see a steady flow of wasps going in and out of your eaves or whether you have noticed just a few wasps crawling in and out of a hole in your brickwork, Top Dog Pest Control are here to help. Locally based, RSPH qualified technicians can assess your wasp problem and decide on the appropriate treatment.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Top Dog Pest Control can arrange immediate treatment wherever you may be in Lewisham. Our experts provide London wasp control across the entire capital.

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Lewisham Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nest removal keeps our Lewisham-based team at Top Dog Pest Control very busy during the summer months. Call outs start in the spring when Lewisham residents start to notice the early signs of a wasp nest; a small level of activity or a golf ball sized nest attached to the shed or in the attic. These calls continue throughout the summer as the need for wasp nest removal increases; colonies grow rapidly in size and wasps become more aggressive and invasive as food sources dwindle.

Top Dog Pest Control technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience and we take pride in providing you with the very best wasp nest removal service in the Lewisham area.

Lewisham Wasp Control

There's not much you can do when you're ducking and diving wasps in the local Lewisham park, but when it's in your garden, Top Dog Pest Control can help. If you are finding an unusual amount of wasps around your garden, there is possibly a nest in or around the vicinity that needs locating. To the untrained eye this can sometimes be difficult, but for our highly-trained Lewisham technicians, this is part of their everyday job.

Once the nest has been located, your efficient Top Dog Pest Control technician will administer a fast-acting treatment that will see you wasp free in 24-48 hours. As simple as that!

Lewisham and Other London Areas Covered

Operating both in and around Lewisham as well as the rest of London, you can be sure that Top Dog Pest Control covers your area:

Wasp Control Services in Lewisham

Following your request for wasp nest removal services from Top Dog Pest Control, you will be contacted by a local Lewisham technician, who will be with you within hours.

Using the latest specialised wasp nest removal equipment and treatments available on the market, Top Dog Pest Control assures you that they will have you wasp free in no time. If not, your trusty Lewisham technician will be back at your door.

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