Lewisham Rodent Control

Top Dog Pest Control operates throughout the Lewisham area, providing comprehensive solutions to all of your rodent infestation problems, whether these are mice, rats, or squirrels. Discreet, swift, and affordable, our rapid response service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve the needs of people in Lewisham suffering the effects of a rodent infestation.

Our team of dedicated and skilled Lewisham technicians use cutting-edge technologies and treatments to conquer the menace of rodent infestations. Once you contact Top Dog Pest Control, our team will investigate the site then perform tried and tested extermination approaches to destroy the problem. We then provide follow-up to ensure that the process has been completely successful and advise you how to ensure that you avoid further rodent problems.

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Lewisham Rat Control

Swift and effective rat control is very important as rats pose significant dangers to the health of Lewisham residents. In addition to being carriers of disease and tapeworms, rats breed quickly and infestations can rapidly explode in size, making them both dangerous and difficult to control. Professional experience and expertise is advisable to deal with the dangers of rat infestations and to ensure that they are completely destroyed and do not return.

Top Dog Pest Control technicians uses traps, rodenticides such as Bromadiolone, Difenacoum, and Warfarin, as well as fumigation programmes to eradicate rat infestations in line with current animal welfare legislation. Our expert Lewisham technicians also provide advice on how best to protect your property from future rat problems.

Lewisham Mice Control

As in many urban areas, Lewisham has its fair share or mice control problems. Mice will eat whatever they can find and when they find a lot of food, such as when they invade your kitchen, infestations can grow rapidly, causing a lot of damage. It is important to deal with mice infestations as early as possible as, even in small numbers, mice can do substantial damage and pose risks to property owners due to their destruction of electrical cables, which increases the danger of fires, and because they carry diseases such as Meningitis.

At Top Dog Pest Control our technicians have the expertise and skill to target mice infestations and completely rid you of the mouse problem in your Lewisham home or business.

Lewisham Squirrel Control

One of the first signs that squirrels have established themselves in your property is noises coming from the roof. Many people consider squirrels cute and endearing; however, once they invade your Lewisham property you can have a very serious problem on your hands! Squirrels can chew through many materials, including pipes, wood, and cables, which can be extremely expensive to repair and can pose significant dangers to inhabitants as this increases the risk of fire.

Once you contact our team, our dedicated Lewisham technicians will assess the extent of your squirrel problem, use FENN traps to destroy the problem, and then provide follow-up to ensure that the process has been entirely successful.

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