Lewisham Rat Control

Early detection of a Lewisham rat control problem is essential, as a rat infestation that is left to take hold will take longer to eradicate. All rats need is a source of food, water and shelter, and once this has been found they breed at an alarming rate and become very territorial.

Only the services of London pest control professionals like Top Dog Pest Control will be able to clear your Lewisham rat control problem once and for all. Operating 24/7 throughout Lewisham and the rest of London, Top Dog Pest Control can be with you the very same day as your call.

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Lewisham Rat Catchers and Removal

On arrival at your Lewisham home or business, our rat catcher and removal team will carry out a detailed survey of your property, inside and out, in order to gain an overview of the severity of your rat infestation and how the rats are gaining access.

Your dedicated qualified Top Dog Pest Control technician will then devise a step-by-step treatment plan keeping you informed all the way through. Using their knowledge and expertise, our rat catcher and removal team will lay carefully placed traps and poisons. You will be provided with the number for your Lewisham rat control technician and encouraged to call them if you have further queries or worries before they come back to your property to check the progress of treatment. At these follow up appointments, the effectiveness of the treatment will be checked and adjustments will be made if necessary. Carcasses will also be taken away and disposed of.

Rat Control Services in Lewisham

Rat control services in Lewisham are one of the most called upon at Top Dog Pest Control. Each and every building is a potential residence for the plentiful London rat. Often associated with unclean places, a rat infestation can break out in the cleanest of Lewisham properties. Carrying diseases such as Weil's, toxoplasmosis and salmonella, they are a risk to everyone at the property, especially young children who spend time on the floor. The tendency of rats to chew through food packing means that contamination is likely.

You will be asked to work with Top Dog Pest Control during the treatment of your Lewisham property by making sure that any accessible food is stored in sealed thick plastic containers and the affected areas are deep cleaned to lessen the risk to health. The more you follow the advice issued by your rat control technician, the quicker your rat infestation will be a thing of the past.

Lewisham and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Lewisham as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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