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Top Dog Pest Control provides effective, discreet, and affordable insect and pest control in the Lewisham area. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we hold the solution to your pest and insect control problems!

Industry trained and highly effective, Top Dog Pest Control's team of dedicated technicians are skilled in solving any manner of insect infestation problems from silverfish to cluster flies, cockroaches to hornets, and many more besides. Whatever your insect infestation problem, we will endeavour to resolve it as rapidly and efficiently as possible, never giving up until you are 100% pest-free.

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Lewisham Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

While on the whole less aggressive than wasps or hornets, when bees are near their nests they can become defensive and sting, presenting particular dangers to the people whose homes or businesses they have occupied. A bee sting can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, and nests in Lewisham homes and businesses are best removed professionally by trained technicians, such as Top Dog Pest Control's dedicated team.

Unlike treatments used to remove wasp and hornet nests, solving a bee nest problem requires a different method that is both effective and environmentally-friendly. Top Dog Pest Control use an approach that keeps the nest intact and does not destroy the bees but fully removes both the nest and the bees from your Lewisham home or business. This is much more environmentally-friendly and less intrusive overall.

Lewisham Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

If your Lewisham premises has a wasp nest, Top Dog Pest Control urges you not to attempt to remove it yourself as this can increase the chance of a swarm. Instead, call out our trained technicians who have the skill and experience to safely remove the nest and destroy the wasps completely. Swarms of wasps, particularly around their nests, pose a real risk as they can sting multiple times, which can multiply the danger of severe allergic reactions.

Using a specialist chemical, Bendiocarb, to target the wasp nest directly, our Lewisham-based technicians can safely and quickly remove the nest, eradicating your wasp problem within a few hours.

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Lewisham Hornet Control

Hornet problems represent one of the most dangerous type of infestations we deal with at Top Dog Pest Control and they are becoming more common in the Lewisham area and London in general. Like wasps and bees, hornet stings can cause allergic reactions that can pose a significant risk to both humans and pets.

Hornet nests are tougher to remove than wasp nests and require professional expertise, such as that provided by our team of skilled technicians here at Top Dog Pest Control. Once you call us we will swiftly and effectively remove the hornet nest form you Lewisham home by employing highly concentrated doses of Bendiocarb to target the problem directly.

Lewisham Cluster Fly Control

Cluster fly infestations can be extremely distressing to live with and are a problem that Top Dog Pest Control can help you solve if they have invaded your Lewisham home or business. We recommend dealing with your cluster fly problem as early as possible, preferably in the winter period when the flies are hibernating, though at Top Dog Pest Control we can deal with cluster fly infestations at any stage of their lifecycle, including when they have gained access to your property in large numbers.

Our dedicated Lewisham technicians have the skill and experience to effectively deal with your present cluster fly infestation and will advise you on how to prevent future ones.

Lewisham Bed Bug Control and Removal

Bed bugs can be very difficult to control remove completely from your Lewisham home. This is because, contrary to popular belief, they do not just live in bedding, but also in soft furnishings and furniture, so conventional elimination methods often miss these areas. Moreover, whilst most standard bed bug control treatments may kill the bugs themselves, they leave their eggs behind, which does not solve the infestation problem.

Using a multi-pronged attack combining traditional insecticides, Diatomaceous earth and insect growth regulators, Top Dog Pest Control's specially trained Lewisham technicians can eradicate a bed bug infestation rapidly as well as advising you about what you can do yourself to help the process.

Lewisham Flea Control

The mere knowledge that a flea infestation has got out of control in your Lewisham home can be extremely distressing, not to mention the allergic reactions that some people suffer to fleas bites, sometimes requiring antibiotics. Moreover, fleas can act as carriers for disease and tapeworm and so dealing with your flea infestation problem swiftly is important. Our Top Dog Pest Control experts in the Lewisham area are well-equipped to help eradicate this unpleasant and potentially dangerous problem once and for all.

Top Dog Pest Control technicians utilise an approach similar to that used to eradicate bed bug infestations, using a range of different treatments to completely solve the problem.

Lewisham Silverfish Control

Suspicious destruction and small holes in your books, wallpaper and clothes may well mean that you have a silverfish control problem in your Lewisham home. Our specially trained staff at Top Dog Pest Control can quickly identify whether silverfish are the cause of the damage and act rapidly to eliminate the problem once it has been identified.

Additionally, our Lewisham Top Dog Pest Control technicians are trained to identify the underlying cause of the silverfish infestation and will advise you on how to effectively deal with this to make sure you do not experience future infestations.

Lewisham Cockroach Control

Unfortunately, many cockroach eradication treatments that are available publicly in shops fail to control Lewisham cockroach infestations effectively. This is because they target cockroaches that are seen in the open, when the real problem normally lies out of sight, in between the walls or floorboards of your Lewisham property.

Top Dog Pest Control uses specialist skills to track and identify the cockroach nest and then employs strong chemicals to rapidly and effectively destroy these unpleasant and dangerous insect infestations.

Lewisham Spider Control

The need for spider infestation control in your Lewisham home can be extremely distressing, and with increasing reports of poisonous spiders in the UK, concern is entirely reasonable. Our professional and skilled team at Top Dog Pest Control in Lewisham can consult with you about your spider problem, assessing both the extent and the danger.

Whether the spiders in your home or business are poisonous or not, Top Dog Pest Control has the skill and experience to eliminate your spider problem.

Lewisham Ant Control

Ant infestations within your Lewisham home or business can be very unpleasant and unfortunately many shop-bought ant control treatments simply cannot permanently solve your ant infestation, instead only offering short-term relief from the problem, only for it to return. Moreover, these treatments can in fact make the situation worse by causing the nest to split so that there are then many nests instead of one, making completely removing the ant infestation problem even more difficult.

Nests are often in very hard to reach places such as under floorboards or within walls, which makes the eradication process even more difficult for those without training. Fortunately, at Top Dog Pest Control our highly trained technicians have the skills needed to track down the nests and directly destroy them wherever they may be, delivering a rapid and effective solution to your ant infestation problem.

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