Lewisham Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

In Lewisham, London and the rest of the UK, bird control and bird proofing is becoming more and more called for as birds such as pigeons and gulls rule the sky.

New reports of attacks on the public in a bid to steal food means tolerance is low and calls to Top Dog Pest Control are on the up.

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Lewisham Bird Control

Lewisham bird control becomes necessary when a problem has already arisen with birds in or around your property. Ranging from a sole bird that has gained access to your premises, or a flock that has taken up residence in or on your building, bird control eliminates threats to human health and the structure of your property.

Bird control is impossible to table yourself, as there are many laws and regulations that surround it. Our expert technicians at Top Dog Pest Control are fully versed in the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 that rules against killing birds, destroying nests or eggs or removing nests that are in the build phase.

With all of this in mind, our Lewisham bird control team will use their in-depth knowledge of bird behaviour to carry out a detailed survey of your building, as well as your bird control issue, and then talk you through the treatment plan step by step.

Lewisham Bird Proofing

Bird proofing your Lewisham property can be implemented to prevent a bird control issue occurring or to ensure one does not return.

After assessing the location, structure and risk areas of your building, Top Dog Pest Control will discuss and recommend a variety of options that are best fitted to your individual situation. Bird proofing options include:

Nets: an excellent, versatile solution to cover large surface areas such as roof spaces or elevations. Often used for warehouses and car parks, but also popular for listed buildings given that netting is very discreet and easy to install.

Spikes: spikes are available in many different lengths and widths, which makes them highly adaptable. Pigeons only need 20mm to perch on a building but spikes can be easily attached to almost any surface.

Sprung Wire: often used with spikes, sprung wire is a very discreet option and also very versatile for narrow ledges.

Plastic Strip Curtains: warehouses are at risk of birds gaining access due to the large goods entries that permit large vehicles to carry out collections and deliveries. Transparent plastic strip curtains let vehicles in but keep birds out.

Gel: gels discs are non-toxic and can be placed in problem areas or hard to reach areas. Birds naturally have UV vision, but the gel discs change this to fire-like, making the birds perceive danger, which in turn causes them to evacuate.

Lewisham and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Lewisham as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

Bird Control Services in Lewisham

Make Top Dog Pest Control your go-to company for bird control services in Lewisham. Carrying out London pest control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our technicians are always on hand. As bird control and bird proofing is often called for by Lewisham businesses, Top Dog Pest Control completely understands that trading hours may need to be considered. As customer satisfaction is paramount to us, we will work around you to find an appointment time that is most convenient for your company.

All of our pest control services are fully guaranteed and follow-up comes as standard, meaning that we do not stop until both you and us are 100% satisfied.

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