Lambeth Rodent Control

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Top Dog Pest Control are well-equipped to deal with all of your rodent control problems in the Lambeth area whether they are rats, mice, or squirrels.

Rodent infestations can be extremely dangerous and costly to home and business owners in the Lambeth area and require professional skill and expertise to successfully eradicate them. Top Dog Pest Control has experience of using up-to-date technologies and tried and tested methods to deal with infestations of all sizes, completely resolving rodent control problems.

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Lambeth Rat Control

Without prompt and professional action, rat infestations can rapidly get out of control and pose great risks to humans in Lambeth. As carriers of diseases and parasites, which they spread through their urine, hair, and droppings, rats pose significant public health dangers as well as being extremely distressing to find inhabiting your home or business.

Using a targeted approach to the problem, including traps, fumigation and rodenticides such as Warfarin, Bromadiolone, and Difenacoum, Top Dog Pest Control technicians in Lambeth can quickly, safely, and discreetly solve your rat control problems in line with current local authority guidelines. We also offer advice about how to protect yourself from future infestations.

Lambeth Mice Control

Given how mice can spread diseases such as Salmonella and a form of Meningitis (Lymphocytic Chriomeningitis Virus), it is essential to deal with mice infestations as early as possible before the problem becomes magnified, as the mice breed rapidly in Lambeth homes and businesses. Mice also have a tendency to chew through electrical cables increasing the likelihood of fire or electrocution in your Lambeth property.

Mice nests are often located in places that are hard to access such as under floorboards, in roofs, and within the walls, which makes it very hard for non-professionals to deal with mouse infestation problems effectively. Top Dog Pest Control's Lambeth technicians have the skill and expertise to reach the source of the problem and eradicate the mouse problem once and for all.

Lambeth Squirrel Control

If your Lambeth roof space is occupied by squirrels, one of the first signs of the infestation may be strange noises coming from the roof. Many people assume these noises mean they have a rat infestation, but our Top Dog Pest Control experts in Lambeth can quickly determine whether your problem is a rat or a squirrel infestation from the droppings left behind.

Once our skilled technicians have established the exact nature of your rodent problem they will deploy a discreet and effective extermination programme in line with local authority guidelines to rid you of your squirrel control problem.

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