Lambeth Rat Control

When you report a Lambeth rat control problem, Top Dog Pest Control will issue advice from the very first phone call. A more detailed consultation will then take place when your dedicated rat control technician arrives at your Lambeth property. As Top Dog Pest Control operates 24/7 throughout the whole of London, this appointment will be made at a time that is convenient for you. Lambeth businesses often request appointments outside business hours as to not worry customers or employees. Client satisfaction is paramount for Top Dog Pest Control.

Rats, quite rightly, have a reputation for being extremely unsanitary creatures. Carrying diseases such as toxoplasmosis, salmonella and Weil's, they are a significant health risk to all those who enter your Lambeth premises.

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Lambeth Rat Catchers and Removal

The need for Lambeth rat catchers and removal technicians comes from the high numbers of people living in the area, along with countless food establishments. Be them restaurants, take aways or smaller eateries, they all produce waste food. This attracts rats to the area and they then move inside Lambeth properties in seek of warmth or when they discover a further source of food and water.

Top Dog Pest Control sees regular evidence of determined rats gnawing their way through hard plastic containers and bins just to gain access to the food inside. Their persistence and territorial nature means that they do not give up easily, and the only way to eradicate completely is to call in our trusted rat catcher and removal team. The trained eyes of our rat control technicians will find the entry points and nesting areas the rats are using in order to be able to prevent a return of an infestation once treatment is complete.

Rat Control Services in Lambeth

Reports in the news tell of rat control services proving ineffective due to the rising immunity of rats in Lambeth as well as in the rest of London and the UK alike.

Top Dog Pest Control can easily combat this problem by replacing the widely used Chlorophacinone and Warfarin with the stronger and more potent Difenacoum or Bromadiolone. In either case, treatments will be placed in tamper bait boxes to ensure there is no danger to children or pets.

The exterior of your Lambeth property will also be examined by our highly competent rat control service technicians, whose trained eyes can detect entry points used by rats or signs of burrowing if the rats are nesting outside.

Ensuring customer satisfaction, your dedicated Lambeth rat control technician will keep you up-to-date at each step of the treatment and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Aftercare coming as standard with any Top Dog Pest Control service, our team will call back as often as is necessary to relay treatment and to remove carcasses until your Lambeth rat infestation has been totally eradicated.

Lambeth and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Lambeth as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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