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Insect infestation problems can be extremely distressing, unpleasant, and frustrating to deal with when they occur in your Lambeth property. They can also pose real dangers to you and your family, with risks ranging from anaphylaxis to infection, tapeworm and allergies.

Top Dog Pest Control is here to help you deal with insect infestation problems in the Lambeth area by deploying our experience, expertise, and skill to solve all of your insect problems efficiently, discreetly, and completely. Whether it's wasps, silverfish, cockroaches, hornets, or any other insect infestation problem, we're ready to help you make your insect control problems a thing of the past by providing a prompt, reliable and guaranteed service.

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Lambeth Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Bee nest removal presents particular challenges that are best dealt with by industry-trained professionals. This is because bees have particular environmental significance and, unlike wasp or hornet nest removal, our Lambeth technicians endeavour to never destroy a bee nest, but instead to remove the nest intact and relocate the bees to a local hive. This is much more environmentally-friendly and is also less intrusive.

Lambeth Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps can be extremely dangerous, particularly when they swarm, as they can sting humans and pets causing painful stings or even severe allergic reactions in some people. This danger is magnified when the wasps are close to their nests, which makes them even more aggressive as they seek to protect the nest. Removing wasp nests is therefore fraught with danger as you run the risk of agitating the wasps, causing them to swarm in great numbers and sting. We therefore recommend professional removal if you have discovered a wasps nest in your Lambeth property.

Top Dog Pest Control offers expert removal of wasp nests and eradication of the wasps in a way that protects you and those near you from harm, eliminating any danger posed by wasps.

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Lambeth Hornet Control

Hornet control problems and hornet nests are probably the most dangerous form of insect infestation that our Top Dog Pest Control technicians see in the Lambeth area. Bigger and more poisonous than bees or even wasps, hornets stings provoke extreme allergic reactions that are extremely risky to humans and pests alike. What's more, hornet numbers are on the rise in Lambeth and London in general.

Fortunately, our team of highly trained experts here at Top Dog Pest Control has the experience required to tackle your tricky hornet control problems. Our Lambeth team uses a highly concentrated chemical called Bendiocarb to completely destroy the hornets and remove the problem entirely.

Lambeth Cluster Fly Control

Distressing and unsanitary, cluster fly control problems and infestations can be a real issue in the Lambeth area. It is also important to identify what the underlying cause of your cluster fly infestation problem is.

Top Dog Pest Control technicians in the Lambeth area have the knowledge and capability to eradicate your current cluster fly control problem and also give advice about how to avoid the cluster flies returning in the future and causing further infestations.

Lambeth Bed Bug Control and Removal

Without specialist skill and knowledge, permanently controlling and removing your Lambeth bed bug infestation problem can be extremely difficult. Many people assume that because of their name bed bugs live solely within beds. However, this is inaccurate and bed bugs can also be found living in furniture, carpets, and soft furnishings, which makes complete eradication difficult to achieve without professional help. In addition to this many shop-bought treatments leave the bed bug eggs untouched, targeting only the bugs themselves, which does not tackle the problem long-term and provides only temporary relief.

At Top Dog Pest Control, our highly trained professionals in the Lambeth area utilise a three part approach to deal with bed bug problems, which includes insect growth regulators, traditional insecticides, and Diatomaceous earth.

Lambeth Flea Control

Flea control problems in the Lambeth area are a common occurrence that can be successfully solved through expert elimination techniques. Fleabites can be extremely unpleasant to experience and can even cause infections that require antibiotics.

It is therefore recommended to have your flea infestation problem dealt with by our team of Top Dog Pest Control technicians who have the experience and technical know-how to completely eradicate your flea problems. Using a technique similar to that which we utilise to remove bed bugs, our technicians are well-placed to promptly solve your flea infestation.

Lambeth Silverfish Control

More than a mere nuisance, silverfish infestations can be extremely financially costly due to the damage they inflict through their destruction of clothes, wallpaper, furniture, and books. So though not dangerous to human health, silverfish control is important to avoid massive damage to your Lambeth home or business.

Top Dog Pest Control can help you tackle your silverfish infestation problem and stem the tide of destruction. Moreover, silverfish infestations are often related to damp within properties and our Lambeth technicians have the expertise to identify the root cause of your infestation and offer advice as to how to resolve the underlying problem and prevent re-infestation.

Lambeth Cockroach Control

Lambeth, like many other urban areas, is known to suffer from cockroach infestation problems. As well as being unsightly, cockroaches pose significant risks to humans when they have infested a home or business, as they carry and can transmit diseases.

Shop-bought treatments for cockroach infestation problems are normally only partially effective, as unfortunately they tend to only target those cockroaches that venture out into the open and do not address the fundamental issue of the cockroach nest, which is often tucked away within a wall or beneath the floorboards. Fortunately, our Lambeth technicians have the know-how to locate the cockroach nest and completely destroy it. After the initial infestation problem has been solved our Top Dog Pest Control team will also advise you as to how to avoid future cockroach problems in your Lambeth property.

Lambeth Spider Control

Spider control problems are common in the Lambeth area and in London generally. Fortunately, Top Dog Pest Control has the skill and experience to help you deal with this distressing problem.

Whether your spider problem or infestation is large or small, or if you suspect you may have a poisonous spider on your property that you need identifying and eliminating, contact our friendly team at Top Dog Pest Control and one of our Lambeth experts will be on the case promptly to resolve your spider control problem.

Lambeth Ant Control

Lambeth properties are most likely to suffer ant control problems and infestations during the summer months when the weather is warmer. Scout ants will be the first to appear in your home or business and if they find a source of food – for example if they make their way into your kitchen – they will rapidly be followed by others and a nest will soon be established, typically within walls or under floorboards. It is at this point that people typically attempt to deal with their ant control problem by using shop-bought treatments.

However, these products often have the unintended consequence of simply splitting the colony rather than destroying it, which makes the problem even worse. Top Dog Pest Control therefore recommends professional consultation and treatment for you ant control problem to quickly deal with these distressing infestations. As these nests are often located in hard-to-reach places, specialist skill and equipment is also needed in order to track and then destroy the colony.

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