Lambeth Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Lambeth bird control and bird proofing can be carried out by Top Dog Pest Control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our expert technicians working around your schedule.

Given that bird control and bird proofing services are often called upon by Lambeth businesses, Top Dog Pest Control fully understands the importance of working around clients and causing the least disturbance necessary.

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Lambeth Bird Control

As you would paint the exterior of your Lambeth property to make it more attractive and prevent damage, bird control should be considered in the same way, especially for businesses. Potential clients can find large numbers of birds on a building extremely off-putting. This could mean a loss for your business.

Lambeth bird control is cost-effective, easy to install and durable materials mean that it will last in the long term.

Lambeth Bird Proofing

Bird proofing your Lambeth building can consist of many methods, so the first step for your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician is to carry out a detailed survey of the exterior the property, as well as the interior if birds have gained access. After establishing resting and nesting places, food sources, access points and taking the surroundings into consideration, our knowledgeable technicians will decide on the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Netting is extremely useful and widely used on large structures such as warehouses, car parks and multi-storey buildings, due to the fact it can cover large areas easily. Given its discreet appearance, it is also popular on listed buildings, where other options would be prohibited.

Spikes and sprung wire are excellent ways of stopping preventing pigeons, gulls and other birds from landing on ledges on your Lambeth building. Coming in different heights and sizes, they are versatile and can be adapted to almost all problem areas.

Gel discs are also a highly effective fast-acting treatment, which can be placed in the smallest of areas and change the vision of birds from UV to fire-like, making them evacuate almost immediately.

Warehouses that have lorries driving in and out of them often require transparent plastic strip curtains, which are easily installed to prevent birds from flying inside.

Nests can also be removed, but under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, this can only be done during the autumn and winter months when the birds have migrated. Once they return for the spring, their nests cannot be removed.

Lambeth and Other London Areas Covered

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Bird Control Services in Lambeth

When you find you are in need of Lambeth bird control services, do not delay in calling Top Dog Pest Control. Our industry-trained technicians have a competent understanding of bird behaviour, which aids them when assessing your Lambeth building.

A popular choice for Lambeth bird control and proofing is signing up to a pest inspection package, which ensures year round protection. For more information, have a look at our Pest Inspection Package page.

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